Stupid Tooth Fairy


Do you know what’s highly embarrassing and likely to cause you to think you must be one stoopid mama? When you check out one child for school to go to a doctor’s appointment only to find out when you arrive at said doctor’s office that you’ve brought the wrong kid.

Oh yes I did.

The doctor’s office that we just so happened to be visiting that day was technically our dentist (Dental Depot of Highland Village), and thank goodness they have a sense of humor because bringing the wrong kid to an appointment was just the beginning of my embarrassment. At our next appointment, the following conversation took place:

My son: “Look! I got a wiggly toof! See!” (as he proceeded to put his hand in his mouth and move his tooth around)

Dentist: “Oh, I see! So does the Tooth Fairy come visit you at your house?”

My son: “Yah, I love our Toof Fairy!”

Dentist: “What does your Tooth Fairy bring you?”

My son: “Money! Well, actually sometimes she brings me candybars. She brought my brudder a candybar!”

By now I had my hand to my face.

Dentist: “And that’s why I will always have a business.”

Apparently our tooth fairy is one bad, bad girl. Stoopid tooth fairy.

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