A really, really exciting opportunity has arisen that I will be kicking off on Tuesday with a BIG GIVEAWAY, but secrets aren’t really my specialty. A couple weeks ago I met Courtney Robbins who started a clothing company, Gypsy & Co.   Gypsy is sold via home parties like you would go to for Pampered Chef, Scentsy or one of my favorites, CAbi.   She has created an e-stylist position where you can open a Gypsy store front on the internet…I happen to be on the internet pretty frequently so I signed up.   Courtney was super sweet and agreed to do a HUGE giveaway Tuesday on June Cleaver Nirvana…shhhh, it is a big secret…as part of the announcement…shhhh, it is a big secret.   We decided it would be fun for me to come over to her studio in Fort Worth and get a few pictures in the clothes to post with the giveaway (Tuesday – did I mention that?). What fun! I went down there expecting her to take a few snap shots with my camera, but instead I was treated like a super model. Literally, like a super model.   Courtney had Kandice Hemenway from Click Click Bang! Photography take the pictures. A few weeks ago Kandice took pictures of Whitney Thompson (winner of the 10th season of America’s Next Top Model) in the very same clothes. I totally wore those boots. It was the most surreal afternoon.   I walked around Fort Worth in fancy cowboy boots and fabulous clothes.   Every once in awhile I would stop to pose. The one thing that might have been a little different for Kandice when working with me, a mom blogger vs. Whitney, a world famous super model (other than the extensive post-production touch ups needed) was I came to the photo shoot with help… …Rhett. He goes everywhere with me and is a really good sport.   I love his sense of adventure and eagerness to participate. As the shoot continued, Rhett ended up in more and more pictures. I think it comes down to this…Pictures just turn out better with my kid. Stop by Tuesday for a giveaway that you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS.

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  1. OMG..now i hang with a cleb thats also doubles as a super model.. woohoo .. how come you never get that fancy for playdates. ha ha ha cmon you cant chase kids in boots whhhhhh..

  2. Awesome pictures. Awesome clothes. Great looking model. Adorable little boy that melts my heart. Can’t wait for Tuesday! But shhh…I’m not telling…

  3. I am in dire NEED of those boots. PLEASE! My b-day is coming up and I need to turn 43 in those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those boots are totally rad. I can’t wait to learn more! Everyone should have a super model day. I’m glad you enjoyed yours!!