Top Pest Trends for 2012 in Dallas and Fort Worth

Pests are known fear-inducers that send homeowners across the Metroplex running to a pest control company to manage their infestation problems.    Not only are these pests incredibly annoying, they also pose a serious health risk to humans through disease transmission and food contamination and can cause significant property damage.

pestsThe Dallas and Fort Worth areas find themselves particularly prone to the following pests which homeowners and business owners alike should continue to be aware of:

  1. Termites. When living in the south, it's not a matter of if you will get termites but when.   The area's environment is extremely conducive to these ominous pests. An infestation from termites can be incredibly costly.   They cause upwards of $5 billion a year in damages in the United States alone. Because they are such a threat to a home's structure, yearly inspections by a licensed pest professional are advised.    Homeowners should ensure they have a 24/7/365 termite protection plan for their home to safeguard their investment.
  2. Ants. There are many types of these pesky pests in our area; however the most common are Odorous House Ants, Fire Ants and Rover Ants.   Texans are advised to remain on-guard and alert especially for Fire Ants which can cause painful stings to their attack victim.   Each species must be treated uniquely in keeping your home and family protected.
  3. Cockroaches. These nasty roaches can make any sane-minded person cringe upon spotting, American and Smokey Brown roaches in particular have become a big a problem in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. They are known to infiltrate indoor structures and breed at a rate that demands assistance and monitoring from pest control experts.
  4. Bed Bugs. Bed bugs were once again the hot pest topic in 2011 and 2012 looks like it will be more of the same due to growing resistance to some treatment methods and their highly evolved hitchhiking abilities.   Additionally, many homeowners aren't even aware they have a bed bug problem until there is a full blown infestation which is also contributing to the population explosion.   The size of an apple seed, bed bugs are often found hiding in mattress seams, bed frames, suitcases, boxes and shoes. Bed bugs require professional treatment. There is no home remedy that will work; vigilance is the key to dealing with bed bugs.
  5. Rodents. While not the disease menace they were once known to be, rats and mice can still wreak havoc in a household, chewing their way through wires and potentially contaminating food supplies. Recent droughts in surrounding states have caused a surge in their population as they relocate to our area.

Pest trends are constantly changing due to weather and living conditions, but these pests will remain a concern for those living in the Dallas and Forth areas for the foreseeable future. Those with serious pest infestations are advised to contact a licensed pest control expert for consultation or treatment.

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