Win Big at #HolidayQuest Twitter Party

We are really excited that we will be one of the hosts of a Twitter Party on Tuesday!

Join me on #HolidayQuest

#HolidayQuest Twitter Party Details

Date:   Tuesday, December 20

Time:   8-9 pm CST

Presents involved:   Five $1000 gift card prizes will be given away during that hour!

So, RSVP here!

The other hosts are also currently navigating the season in a Nissan Quest and attempting to do some good in their community as well as getting what needs to be done…done!   So chatter about holiday shopping, holiday parties and events, family time, holiday travel and giving back will all be covered.

All in all, it will just be a good time!

Nissan provided a loan of the Nissan Quest for this program, a gift card for my family as we use the vehicle, and a contribution to a charity of my choice in my community.

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  1. How awesome!!! This really has been my dream car since I first saw them a few years ago. Yep, I’m a mom, lol.

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