tree tunnel

Not far from my home there is a road that I go out of my way to drive.

An intense forest hugs the road only briefly interrupted by vintage fencing and filtered sunlight.

Tunnel of trees on Old Alton Road in Argyle, Texas

Not what you would expect in the suburbs of Dallas.

It has always been this way. I discovered the road not long after we moved to Argyle, Texas over 8 years ago.   Ryan was not quite two years old.   One of our playdate friends lived a few miles beyond this road. Ryan seemed to enjoy the drive.

It was confirmed one day when he put his first two words together ¦

Tree Tunnel.


  1. What a hoot! We have a road like that near where I live, and my friend’s little girls also called it “tree tunnel”!

  2. That is absolutely serene! We had a similar drive on the way to church until the ice storm hit about 2 yrs ago. Tons of Mother Nature’s beauties were killed and the landscape is now in the process of repair. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pic!

  3. That’s exactly what Lil’ Joe would say if we drove through there. He’s obsessed with tunnels at the moment. I think it may have something to do with Thomas the Train.

  4. MIndy Howard says:

    i know that road! I go out of my way to drive that stretch too. My whole family loves it. It just brings a moment of peace during the hectic pace of life. beautiful.

  5. There’s a tree tunnel like that in Wilmington, NC. Not only do the old oak trees cover the two-lane road, but they are filled with Spanish moss that sways in the breeze. It’s one of my favorite drives in the world.

  6. yeah my dad will like this

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