This is genius.

I have SANTA non-believers at my house…and this year they WILL BE DEFEATED.


With this…

Santa Caught at your house…Santa at MY HOUSE.

{OK, that isn’t my house, but the one that my kids will see will have MY TREE, MY FIREPLACE, THEIR PRESENTS}

So instead of staying up late on Christmas Eve and catching Santa myself, I am taking the lazy route and using I CAUGHT SANTA.

I Caught Santa uses digital cutouts of Saint Nick and combines it with YOUR photo to create evidence.

It is part of the Catch a Character series that includes the Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy or Cupid.

Once the photo is completed it can be uploaded to FB or other social networking sites.   There are several different animations to choose from.

For the next 4 days, GROUPON is running a deal so that this proof can be had for just $10.

That is a discount of 60%.

Click here for the DEAL.

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