Photos are the Perfect Holiday Gift

I never know what to get MY parents or my in-laws for Christmas. I try and try to come up with something awesome, but after Santa comes around and spends my entire budget every year– I usually end up picking out something ridiculous. (Like the year I bought a VHS copy of Speed for my mom. Sorry, mom.)

But, a couple of years ago, I heard my mother-in-law staring at an empty space on her wall wishing she had a picture of her granddaughter to put there. Okay, so maybe it was a hint– or maybe it was just really good timing. Either way, I use Christmas as my excuse to dress my daughter up in a pretty dress and show her off to everyone. Which is where the awesomeness of Brandy Arnold at Loudmouth Photography comes in. I’m friends with Brandy on Facebook, and her pictures kept popping up on my wall. I couldn’t stop staring at their awesomeness, and I knew she’d rock my kid’s Christmas pictures!

What is she thinking?
This might be my favorite picture ever taken in the history of picture taking.
I know, right? Stunning. 🙂
The curtsey.
My daughter had a blast. She took her out to a lake, and barely even asked her to pose. Even though my kid is typically shy, Brandy loosened her up, and before I knew it– they were having the most fun ever.
She's super embarrassed by this one, so, naturally, I made it my Facebook avatar.
Loudmouth Photography Rocks!
Rock Star!
Her prices were so reasonable that the grandparents are getting not only pictures, but fancy frames to put them in as well. The best part? Brandy gives you the CD of your images and you get to pick where and how to have them printed! I LOVE this– I get ALL the prints and I get to use them however I want to… none of that silly picking out the best one business. She took about 150 pictures of my kid, and we ended up with 15-20 awesome ones to choose from.
Walking away
It's like... a metaphor for growing up, or something.
So seriously, dress your kid up in something adorable–and have Brandy snap pictures this year. You’ll be glad you did.
I’ve added a couple of other pictures from her portfolio below– just so you know it’s not only my beautiful daughter she can take pictures of. 🙂

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