I was excited when VTech asked me to review their new tablet-style learning/gaming device for kids – the Innotab. I was excited, but my kids were even more excited. V-Tech InnotabThe Innotab is marketed for ages 4-9 and comes in either pink or blue.   Additional game and story cartridges can be purchased or if you add a SD card {standard}, you can download games and stories from the website which average just below $5 each in price. When the Innotab arrived, I added some batteries and handed it to my youngest boy who is almost 6.   He instantly knew what to do because the action is very similar to my iPad.   He spent the next few hours exploring and playing until the batteries wore out.   My older boys (ages 8 and 10) have played with it a little.   They are always up for games, but it seems to me that the games/books that are loaded on the Innotab are more fun for the 4-7 age crowd. I loaded the VTech software that allows you to download additional games and stories from the VTech website.   It was a little frustrating at first because my Mac kept not recognizing that the Innotab was attached to the computer.   Finally everything seemed to be working and I realized that you need a SD card loaded before you can purchase additional games.   Once we got the SD card loaded, my Mac didn’t recognize it was in the Innotab and I still was unable to download.   My husband came across an online review that mentioned having difficulty with the downloading via Mac and so he tried on his PC and quickly was able to download the two games we wanted and the globe learning app. VTech Innotab download centerWhat I like about the Innotab is that it feels sturdy.   My kids love to play with my phone and iPad, but those are very breakable items in little hands.   When they are playing with the Innotab, I am not even concerned when I hear a crash in the next room.   Ours has already been dropped multiple times and looks brand new {and still works great}.   Last week my iPod met with a similar fate, but didn’t wear nearly as well. My biggest complaint is the battery life.   It takes 4 AA batteries and they last 2-3 hours of play.   We are switching to rechargable batteries and looking into an AC Adapter. Overall, I am surprised at how much I like this product!   It has fast become my youngest’s favorite toy.   I also appreciate the ability to download games so that everything is contained in the game console and I am not trying to locate small game cartridges and figuring out how to transport them when we travel without losing them. It has also freed up my iPad for ME. The VTech Innotab is sold separately or in packages with cases or backpacks which include additional Innotab accessories. All opinions expressed are my own.   I was sent an Innotab for review.

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    1. I’m in the set up phase and my mac is saying ” device not connected”. I’ve made sure all is well with both the innotab and mac, made sure i had safari instead of firefox, made sure i had Flash Player just in case but no go. Did you resolve your issue?