love drop for katie

Love drop is an amazing organization.   They choose an incredible family in need each month and raise money/services to help.

KatieThis month they chose my friend Katie.

I met Katie about two and 1/2 years ago through blogging and found that she lived here in DFW.   She and I met several times at local Chick-fil-A’s with our children so that we could chat and the kids could play.   She was one of the first contributors to She is Dallas (which was Burb Mom at the time).

Things in her life got difficult.

That is an understatement.

She developed a pituitary tumor, a second pituitary tumor and hydrocephalus.   Her medical bills mounted.   All the while she has tried to keep things “normal” for the sake of her two young children.

But no matter how difficult things have gotten, Katie has maintained an optimistic attitude.

I suspect she has no idea what a blessing she is to the people who know her. She is one of those people who gives without reservation and is genuinely surprised when it is noticed. Those people are rare.

Here is a little bit of Katie’s story as told by her:

There are several ways you can help Katie this month:

  • Donate a dollar or two – Love Drop is raising money to help Katie combat her high medical bills.   You can make a one time donation specifically to help Katie, or you can sign up to participate in Love Drop on a monthly basis like I have.   You can get involved for as little as $1 a month.
  • Join Love Drop’s blogger network – By posting monthly about a Love Drop project, you can help spread the love through your social media network.   Each story you tell will help reach people who care.
  • Donate a gift/service –   Love Drop accepts gift cards and donations of services.   If you are in the Dallas area and want my help with your donation of services to Katie, please email me (junecleaver at and I would be glad to help you plan and connect.

Please consider helping.

If you have any questions or need any suggestions on how, please contact me.


  1. I can see why you two became fast friends. She does have a wonderful spirit. I will pray for her and her family. I’m sure she counts herself lucky to have such a good friend as you.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  2. Holly, as you know this hits close to home. My grandsons brain tumor was also located near the pituitary gland. There is a 99% chance that the gland was wiped out during his proton radiation. He will have to take hormones for the rest of his life, but we knew that before deciding on the radiation. It was worth it considering the “other option”-tumor coming back. I’ve met a LOT of people, adults and children, during our journey with my grandson Asher. It’s just amazing how everyone deals with it, I have never met more inspiring people. I wish your friend Katie the best. The financial burden is overwhelming, again, we know. Treatment is just so expensive and you don’t have any other choice but to do it to save your life or your loved one. I hope this fundraiser will help her! Keeping her in our prayers.

  3. Britta,

    I didn’t realize it was the same tumor. UGH. Thanks so much for your prayers…and as always Asher is in ours.


  4. Katie is such a sweetie. I can’t think of anyone who has met her who doesn’t consider her a friend. Thanks Caroline!

  5. Let me clarify, i don’t think it was the same tumor since Asher is the only child known to have his type of tumor in the brain, but it was near the pituitary gland.

  6. Katie – about 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor…I never thought of it coming back. I’m sending my love to you (I have no money to help, but love I have a lot of…)

  7. I also have a pituitary tumor and two small children. I know what she must be going through. My prayers are with her and her family. I wish I had money to give, but I fully believe that the Lord will provide!!!

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