potlucks are on MondaysIt is Monday and that can only mean one thing. Well, it actually could mean two…
  • It is potluck.
  • I was too lazy to put potluck together.
Well, potluckers, you are in luck because today it is the former. Let the potluckin’ frenzy ensue. {Get your crazy potluck on} comment nirvanaLet’s find out who left comment of the week! This week was pretty much an obvious choice.   It was the person who called me out {in my very own comments} demanding last week’s Peep of the Week and then self-nominated. Here at the Nirvana, we reward that type of initiative: “No peep of the week? So I nominate me.” – Three Under Two from Lit & Laundry Thanks so much for getting potluck back on track and you will reign for an additional week as the official Peep. {It is too good to be true…I know} number wordsOver at Quirky Momma this week: Rhett and I discovered how number words are just hard…don’t get me started. Over at She is Dallas this week: I found day passes for Great Wolf Lodge – Grapevine – for $20 a piece.   We try and participate in this fund raiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters each year because it is fun for us and it goes to a great cause. And now for a little storyOne of the reasons I love driving the kids around in the car is that they often will talk in the car when they wouldn’t otherwise. It is almost like they think there is a cone of silence between the front and back seats. This is what I overheard last Friday on the way home from school where Reid(8) learned a VERY important lesson in drama class. Reid:   Rhett, I need to tell you something in case you take drama next year. Rhett(5):   OK. In some of the plays, you have to choose a part. {nodding} They have girl parts and boys parts and you will have to choose. I want a boy part. Yes.   You definitely want a boy part, but you have to be careful because it is a trick. Really?   Will I have to be a girl? No.   Not like that.   You just don’t EVER want to be the prince. What is wrong with being the prince?   That is a boy. I know!   I almost chose to be the prince, but was so glad I was the Castle Keeper instead. Why? The prince HAS to ask the princess to marry him. It was silent for a moment after that.   The boys had to examine the gravity of it all and realize how lucky Reid was today for such a narrow escape. And now for a little storyAnd now for a BONUS story. Seriously.   No additional charge. I met a couple of blogging friends this weekend to have our pictures taken for our website.   We did some group shots and some single shots and generally had a really good time laughing and posing ridiculously. It was all done outside and our original time to meet had been noon. When I heard it was noon, I shuddered a bit. Turns out the time was backed up to 8:30 am due to soccer games and other sporting events that 3 moms would need to schedule around.   I gave a little sigh of relief. During the photos, I mentioned I was thankful that we had moved back the time due to lighting.   I haven’t ever thought much about lighting until I took up photography a year or two ago…which coincided with turning 40. It is just my 41 year old opinion that each year from here on out will mark a further distance from noon that I am willing to be photographed. What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?Let’s do a little fruit bowl investigation… I gotta go look. {OK, back now} 3 wrinkly potatoes and 5 Sonic Prehistoric Tot stuffed toys still in the plastic bag* *I never expected to see the day when my boys weren’t eating fast food kids’ meals for the toys, but it appears we have reached that stage. Happy Monday! May your day be filled with flattering lighting.            

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  1. I have been known to take the long way home for the sole purpose of extending those sibling conversations. I love how relaxed they are, almost like they have forgotten that we can hear them talking.

  2. Holly, as long as we are nitpicking potluck I;d like to know what’s up with your coccyx and where is the potlucked theme music: Someone left the potluck in the rain…
    Other than those glaring omissions, I am happy to see potluck back on track. I was getting hungry.
    Gimme some of your tots.

  3. Oh, the wisdom that only big brothers can pass down. It’s a double-edged sword, really. Though obviously not the Prince’s sword….

    Also, yes. Lighting. Forty does it to you every time. It’s hateful that way.

  4. This statement: “They have girl parts and boys parts and you will have to choose.” could be interpreted one of two ways. I read it wrong when I was scanning the post. But its what got me interested in the potluck today. 🙂

  5. my husband has been driving around with two of those dinotot toys on his dash for a week because Gen left them in his car and he thinks they are cute. He’s so weird.

    So happy you potlucked! i feel like it had been awhile…

  6. Can I have your tots?

    Was that the most awkward question ever? My 6 yo son likes to use them as baseballs for inside baseball games.