Last week we went on vacation. boy with sand on faceThe good kind. The load up the family, we are going to the beach kind. We spent an entire week in a resort on St. Thomas.   There was so much to do…yet, not do. It was a grueling week of decisions… pool vs. beach? shade vs. sun? sail boat vs. kayak?*
*This was ONLY a question because the weather was so nice there wasn’t much wind on Great Bay.   I mean, who would expend energy in a kayak when there is a perfectly delightful boat to sail?
The boys had a blast.   They built sand cities, played over-sized seaside chess and spent hours tipping each other off of pool floats. And then yesterday we had to come home. We packed up the suitcases now a bit heavier due to sand and headed to the airport.   We checked in, filled out the customs paperwork and waited in line.   We answered questions, pulled full suitcases and waited in another line.   We inched forward. We inched forward to wait a bit longer. And then inched forward again. To wait. Finally, we were able to say good bye to our bags and go through the last bit of normal airport security. Home free! We doffed shoes and pulled out laptops while instructing the kids to remove Crocs.   My purse and belongings edged toward the scanner so with strategic timing, I sent the first boy through the magic metal detector. Reid(7). He walked into the arch… Beep.   Beep.   Beep. huh? I scan visually him with a hint of panic.   He has on a cotton t-shirt and cargo shorts.   No belt.   No keys.   Nothing! What in the world? Reid, do you have something in your pocket? His head tilts up in surprise and he slowly pulls out a small hotel chocolate wrapped in faux-foil. I am puzzled because it is a very little amount of foil.   It just doesn’t add up. Reid, do you have anything else in your pocket? He looks caught. He reaches in to front pockets with both hands and pulls out more chocolates. Approximately 15 chocolates wrapped in faux-foil. Enough chocolate to stop a metal detector.

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  1. Oh yes, the foil. One of my older boys (the one thag wasn’t amugglibg the musket through the xray machine) was patted down over a gum wrapper. I didnt feel the need to mention after shutting down the Orlando airport. 😉

  2. So did TSA take him down and frisk him head to toe then a full pat down and then hold up the flight to check his back to be sure he wasn’t smuggling narcotics into the country? Just wondering that seems to be the norm these days.

  3. Tell Reid thank you for alerting me to the chocolate foil/metal detector connection before my next flight. Also, hysterical.