I was just a few months older than Ryan is now when Lady Diana and Prince Charles got married. boy on swing My mom and I stayed up late/got up early so that I could watch the entire event.   Watching live TV was our only option. When you are 11 and a pretty girl in a distant country marries a prince, it is a real life fairy tale. One that you fall asleep at night dreaming. Prince Charming DOES exist. I think I have become jaded in my old age.   I had avoided all things royal wedding leading up to today.   I knew the names of the characters because I shop at grocery stores with check out lanes lined with headlines and photos and drama. Are you going to watch the royal wedding? Bah humbug!   It starts at 4 am.   I need my sleep! When blog-Stedman got up a little after 5 this morning he turned on the TV.   I rolled over to shade the glare.   Quietly a royal wedding once again entered my dreams.   I started watching mid-ceremony. I couldn’t look away. The cathedral! The trees IN the cathedral! The bride! The groom! And all those crazy hats. It was beautiful.   It was dreamy.   It was a fairy tale. By the time the boys got up, the ceremony was over and the family had returned to the palace.   Rhett(5) joined me and started asking all sorts of questions about the palace, the coaches, and the country.   We curled up and watched the crowds gather in celebration. He watched mesmerized by the event. Awhile later Ryan(10) walked through and I said, “You just missed the wedding.   If you wait a minute, the prince and princess will come out onto the palace balcony for a kiss.” Ewww!   Mom!   I do NOT want to see THAT! I guess fairy tales are for girls.

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  1. What a wonderful perspective twenty-some years can make on this particular type of festivity in Britain. When Charles and Diana were married I watched in fascination with my two young children. In early 1982 Princess Diana gave birth to William and I was expecting my third child at the age of 32. Our youngest son was born in late July (three weeks late! OMG!, I was going to pop! It turned out the date had not been miscalculated, he was just lazy). So now, the new Duke has wed his Duchess at the age of 29, and out youngest child will be turning 29 in late July!

    I made a comment on FB about the wedding and my 40+ year old, former Marine Godson/first child asked me if I was really into all that “Brittish” stuff. My response, “no, I just love weddings”.
    God Save the Queen.
    But, the whole thing really did do something in each of us, I believe.

  2. Landry walked thru as I watching it onTIVO b/c I dont do early.. The only part he was interested in was the airplanes flying over.. what type are those, where did they come from.. cool..

  3. First of all, I was bowled over by the trees in the church too! HA!

    And second I cannot believe that is a picture of your oldest. WOW, he looks so… well… big! 🙂