the wounded

Rhett(5) has always been tough.

boy looking at cameraI suspect it is a third boy coping mechanism…it is either be tough and spend your day crying.

He is a participator.   In the middle of everything. Everywhere. No matter the age of the other participants.

If there are 10 year old boys playing basketball, he will be under the basket screaming   for someone to pass him the ball.

Outside his play involves speed, dirt and some variation of a game which he made up that has very specific directions which must be followed even though they may or may not make sense to anyone else.   I have played some of these games and have found the best way to play it RIGHT is to just ask him to let you follow him through it.

Because he is involved in everything, there are the daily bumps and bruises.

Mommy, why do I get hurt EVERYDAY?

Each one of these bumps, bruises and bites gets special attention from Rhett.   He demands that any new injury is immune from bath time.   He refuses to get that area wet.

Even if it is an entire arm or leg.

He will position himself in the tub as to spare the wounded area from the horrors of cleanliness.

On some nights it is a balancing act of gymnastic proportions.   Other nights a finger or toe remains dry.

Because of the ramifications of minor injuries causes major bathing modifications, I try my best through the day to minimize the memory of these incidents.   I hope that if he forgets that he got an ant bite on his ankle we won’t have to live another day with one stinky foot.

Yesterday at breakfast, Rhett was kneeling on his chair to devour a bowl of oatmeal.   When he got up he looked down in dismay…

Mommy, my foot is all red!

Yes, that is NOT a problem, it is just because you were sitting on it.

Mommy, look!   There are lines on my red foot.

That is just because you had your feet up under your pants and they left a mark…it will go away.

Mommy, my foot feels fizzy.


  1. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Maybe he will be an emergency room doctor when he gets older.

  2. Poor guy… I love the fizzy explanation!

  3. My daughter’s the same way, which is weird because she’s kid # 1.

    So, yeah, TOTALLY, what’s up with the ‘no washing’ thing? She says it stings when water touches a ‘boo-boo’ but this applies to cuts, scrapes, and bruises. And the funny thing is, she’s tough alllllll day until bath time, and then it’s like Niagra Falls with all the crying and whining.

    Great writing! Keep it up… we’re reading!

  4. Fizzy huh? lol Sounds like something my teen would say. She’s still forever hurting herself somehow.

  5. My boys are the same way with injuries, even bug bites. Do not allow them to be washed!!! Under any circumstances!!!

  6. My little one (a girl!) is the worst accident offender. Last year- staples in the head, nearly severed finger, sprained shoulder among other things. Makes us work 4 times as hard as mommies b/c we have to watch the accident magnets 8 times more!

  7. He’s one interesting guy (in a good way.) I love how free children are to be themselves. How many of us are told to suck it up or get over it when we want to take special care to do/not do something.

  8. Do we really wanna go with who has the most accident prone kid?? 😉

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