There is no way in the world you could get me to choose just one color as my favorite. boy slides down hill in favorite color coat I love them all. Colors have feelings too. I tend to decorate with the warmer tones.   Yellow, Orange and Red are neutral colors in my house.   You could pick up a red accessory and place it in any room where it would feel at ease. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soft spot in my heart for the cooler colors. Green. Blue. Aqua. Ahhhhh…. It is one of the reasons one of my favorite places in the world is a paint store display. I pick up the paint chips. I can’t stop at just one or two. They are irresistible! And luckily it is not frowned upon to take home a handful. All that awesomeness shouldn’t be JUST in one place. Rhett(5) seems to have inherited my color-loving gene.   He orchestrates long conversations with everyone about favorite colors.   His changes on a daily, hourly and sometimes minutely basis. I just changed my mind, Mommy. I get that.   It is too tough of a question to stick with one answer. Last time I took him to the paint store he gazed in wonder at the paint display. Can I HAVE one? Yes. Can I have two? Yes. Can I have three? Why don’t we just pick out your three favorites. It took him a really long time, but finally he came up with a rainbow that he clutched to his heart the rest of the day. I love that boy. This week we were in search of a new coat for him.   He really wanted red because it would match his newly handed-down boots and hat. All we could find was a blue one. He sent us back to look again because blue would just not do. On the very back of the rack was an orange coat.   We presented it gently saying, “I know it isn’t red, but this is all they have.” Rhett looked up and smiled… That is OK!   Orange is Red’s best friend.

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  1. Oh, I love this! But I hyperventilate in front of the paint chip wall. I suck at picking out wall colors. And I went to art school too.

    Luckily I primarily worked in black and white.

  2. My daughter’s favorite color is pink but every now and again she likes purple. I am betting that purple is pink’s best friend!

  3. My oldest has a different favorite on different days of the week. That way none of them feel left out.

  4. Oh! I totally get that!

    I am a color person too.

    Colors have feelings, they say things, they have likes and dislikes.

    For instance, the green in my living room totally looks down it’s nose at the green in my bedroom.

    It’s snooty that way.

  5. This is just too cute and sweet!

    Please ask him if teal and aqua get along well or fight over who gets to be blue’s best friend.