I like NASCAR. I like going to the race. I like the crazy huge community that forms around Texas Motor Speedway on race weekends. andie smith and holly homer at team chevy display at texas motor speedway Chevy sent me tickets to the AAA Texas 500 and for the fun at the Chevy Village of Champions before the race.   Thanks soooo much, Chevy! And then they had the CRAZY COOL power to put me behind the wheel of a Chevy Silverado during the Driver Intro. Yes, they let me drive a driver around the track minutes before the start of the AAA Texas 500. *what were they thinking?* I was excited to find out that the driver that would be in the back of my pick-up truck was Ryan Newman.   I am particularly fond of him because he recently appeared on one of my favorite shows, American Pickers. Obviously, I would need to learn MORE about Ryan to do the best job possible. I tried out Ryan Newman’s chair. race car seat display at texas motor speedwayI tried on Ryan Newman’s clothes. holly in ryan newman's clothesI found where Ryan Newman was appearing. ryan newman appearance schedule at Team Chevy Texas Motor SpeedwayAnd showed up early. ryan newman on the chevy stageAfter his appearance, my husband and I had enough time to grab a quick lunch at the Chevy tent. We ran into some other bloggers and recruited Andie to join us in the Silverado.

driver into bloggers at chevy tent texas motor speedway Branden, me, Andie and her friend Stef.

We all went to Driver Intro Training (I love how super official that sounds). Mark Harland at Driver Intro MeetingSince one of the main rules is that the drivers can’t take pictures…duh.   I was lucky to have my husband and Andie along to photograph the entire experience. They reviewed the route we would take.   We were to pick up the driver when he was announced, carefully drive no faster than 25 mph around the Texas Motor Speedway track and then drop off the driver at his race car on pit row. map for driver intro at texas motor speedway AAA Texas 500Lord, have mercy on me. We headed over as a group to the center of Texas Motor Speedway which requires going under the track through the pedestrian tunnel. texas motor speedway pedestrian tunnelAnd found a line of super shiny Silverado trucks waiting for us. chevy silverados lined up at texas motor speedway for driver introOurs was bright red and we thought we better try out the truck bed to make sure it would be safe for Ryan Newman. andie and holly in chevy pick-up bed Before I had time to think about it, we were in the truck ON THE RACE TRACK lined up to pick up our drivers. texas motor speedway from driver intro truck line before AAA Texas 500 When we picked up Ryan Newman, I was to PAUSE for pictures and not make an abrupt start as to vault him out of the truck. photographers at the driver intro at texas motor speedway AAA Texas 500The whole area was FULL of people and I was supposed to be turning tightly, remembering not to make an sudden movements, and not run over anyone in front of me. This is what it felt like: blur of participating in the AAA Texas 500 driver introOh, and the truck in front of me had Jeff Gordon…you can see his blurry wave. We made it past the crowds near the starting line and drive low on the track all the way around. from texas motor speedway track during driver introAs we passed the crowds, shouts of “Newman!” would echo.   Andie might have set her camera on top the truck for this picture: ryan newman before AAA Texas 500 during driver intro lap I made the last turn onto pit row.   Please note that the whiteness of my knuckles is NOT completely due to lighting: holly drives ryan newman down pit row during AAA Texas 500There were people, people, and more people to worry about. And I didn’t want to crash into a race car, either. I drove down to the 14th pit position and dropped of Ryan Newman.   Jeff Gordon jumped off his truck right in front of us. jeff gordon jumps of Chevy truck during driver intro at AAA Texas 500Whoo hoo! Mission accomplished.

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  1. This is so cool. And seriously? You like American Pickers? I thought I was the only person who dreams of digging around in other people’s old junk looking for hidden treasures. Glad I’m in good company 🙂

  2. Holly, that ROCKS!!!!!

    Wonder if they’re going to do that at California Speedway? I could totally do that.

  3. That is awesome! My son would love it if we could ever do that. He loves NASCAR, and his favorite driver is Jeff Gordon.

  4. That is cool and there is no way I would take on that responsibility. I would be so nervous about doing something wrong that I wouldn’t have any fun!

  5. I believe our trip around Lincoln with Burger King buckets on our heads was the first taste of true speed that hooked you on racing. I’m sure of it.