Austin, TX 6th street stained glass in austin texas hotel on 6th street Austin Texas 6th street building with star austin texas porta-potty truck on 6th street girl with camera on 6th street in Austin, TX Austin Texas 6th street lights and awnings hula hoop girls on Austin's 6th street building on 6th street in austin texas Austin Texas sign on 6th street pizza on austin's sixth street Last weekend I was in Austin, Texas for Bloggy Bootcamp with the fabulous SITS Girls.   Sunday morning found a few of us roaming 6th Street in search of breakfast… ..but we stopped when we smelled that pizza. A plate with TWO large pieces of pizza, a roof-top patio, and a group of fellow bloggers turned out to be the perfect combination.

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  1. Dude.

    This pictures are ridiculous. You are as talented as you are tall and gorgeous.


    I had so much fun hanging out with you and I just know our paths will cross again soon.

    BTW- did I leave a black wrap in your backseat? That’s the last time I remember having it!