potluck in danger of overexposure

Monday can only mean one thing, my friend…

It is potluck time.

Today’s potluck is brought to you by the letter Y.

Here is a little confession:

Reid’s seventh birthday was last week.

I still haven’t planned his KID party.

I haven’t written his birthday post…and when I do I will be backdating it to his birthday.

Summer is KILLIN’ me.

And now for some advice from Holly:

I have had Sears service plans on all the appliances that we built into the house 5 years ago…5 years and one month ago to be exact.

All of the service contracts expired this month and I have had calls from Sears on each and every one of those appliances with a strong sell message to continue the plans.   I love the service I get from Sears, but I could really do without the hard sell (and all those calls).

Also, when ALL of the appliance contracts are up at the exact same time there is a budgetary issue…I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money all at once.

My advice to Sears is to STAGGER the contract lengths on new construction homes so paying to renew doesn’t cause me to want to kick something five years after the house was built…but not the dishwasher, or the fridge, or the washer/dryer, or the ice maker.

Let’s have a little fun with photos!

As you know, I got my fancy new camera around Christmas so I am still working on learning just about everything about it and general photography.   I take tons of pictures because when I get home only a few of them will turn out.   Here is an example of one of the pictures from the Texas Driving Experience that is a tad overexposed…OK, maybe more than a tad. BUT I kinda like it.   The sun was VERY bright that day and it reminds me of what it was like.

I was featured this week in the B is for Baby carnival of shopping…

I like shopping!

I like carnivals!

I like babies!

So, really it seems like a good fit…thanks!

This week’s winner of yummy loot is…

Sounds like a course we had before the 1987 conference in Monterey CA where some of my fellow army personel and I were chosen to drive the delegates. The secret service showed us how to do all sorts of manuevers, but they would not let us practice them. — Dorothy!

Dorothy is winning the VERY LAST of the Little Debbie Petites packages provided by our very sweet (literally!) unofficial potluck sponsor, Little Debbie.   Thanks so much Little Debbie for playing along here in Nirvana.

And don’t be too sad if you didn’t win one, I know personally that they sell them at a store near you!

Wanna join in on the potluck fun? Add YOUR potluck to the linky below…

Time for a little fruit bowl examination…

A whole bunch of silly bandz, and 3 pennies (real) and a pirate gold coin (faux) which is obscured by three pages of paper with crayon marks on them that might be interpreted as 4 year old art.


May your Monday be full of sunshine, but not to the level of overexposure.


  1. Well, if it makes you feel better I have a slew of overexposed photos in my files. And that’s funny about the birthday. Sounds like something I’d have tried to get away with when the kids were little. Maybe I actually did come to think of it.

  2. I’ve been using my DSLR for 2 years now and a lot of the time the first couple photos I take are either over exposed or under exposed because it never occurs to me to check the settings before I take the photo. Some day I will remember I am not on auto & need to do it myself

  3. I am thinking if we do an individual birthday post for each of our kids and then keep re-running it annually with a new photo, we can get away with this? Yes?!…

  4. Staggered contracts – brilliant! But wait, that would be the right hand knowing what the left is doing. Too much common sense.

    Does. not. compute.

  5. summer is killing me. school starts in seven weeks. not that i’m counting.

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