Dear Graduate Student, Then you are in the right place. I am taking over your next class. There are going to be some changes… *insert ominous music here* Yes, I have been asked to speak to your Marketing Class. Your distinguished professor (who also happens to be my dad) has asked that I talk a little about online marketing, blogs and social media. Here is where I get all professor-y.   Please do the following things in preparation for my lecture*. *quite honestly you really won’t be getting a lecture from me unless you hit your brother or use potty language in the house.
  1. Read Chapter 19 in Kotler & Keller Marketing Management.
  2. Spend a few minutes here clicking around (I could use the traffic and it is unlikely that you have extensive Mommy Blog reading experience).
  3. Take note of the videos and whrrl stories in my sidebar which are   promotional in nature.
  4. Watch Holly & the Aquaskipper video in my sidebar which will give you a little behind the scenes perspective on your distinguished professor.
  5. Check out my current project with Chevy at Girlfriend Getaway.
  6. Familiarize yourself with Twitter if you are not already a user – follow me if you are @Texasholly.
  7. Visit Business 2 Blogger and get the general gist.
Whew. I could really get into this tell other people what to do thing. See you at your next class! Holly *** Dear JCN Reader, If you have anything you would like to address with a graduate school marketing class, please add it to the comments.   I think it would be really interesting to get insight about how influence over what you purchase, like, do for entertainment, etc. may have changed over the last few years. Chapter 19 has 3 short paragraph on blogs, a page about online advertising and nothing about Facebook let alone Twitter. It is obvious that things are changing! Thanks so much! Holly *** Oh, and because this IS a Mommy blog, here is the required pic…

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  1. Thank you for your interesting lecture or presentation (since I didn’t beat my brother)about the blog, it’s very useful and inspiring. Thanks again.