Birds of a feather


Five boys show wing spanPerch.

Reid and birdDucklings.

Three boys walk in rain on zoo pathEagle-eyed.

Rhett looks through viewer binocularsMigration.

Walking on the MidwayEndangered?

Reid on Ferris WheelFlying High.

State Fair of Texas big ferris wheel


  1. Fantastic pictures. You could frame the ferris wheel one. Love it.

  2. You have so much fun. I’m wondering if I might live in your house… just for a month or so…

  3. Ok, how the heck did you get my brother to go to the Fair?


    Hand feeding a parakeet made his day

  5. We understand that birds are of the same type if they have the same feathers; they are of a spike. Birds flock if they join together in groups with other birds. Now as birds “of a feather” often flock with different birds of the same “feather”, so do people who are like all other spend time together. Example: “Are Timmy and his friends according to that related bar again?” Reply: “Sure they are. Birds of a feather flock collectively.”

  6. This is good

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