It is back. I think.

It is Monday Potluck…

Potluck are on Mondays badge

*Try to stay seated in your wildly applaudic state*

And now for a little…er, longish story entitled “Do I need to be super sized?

Here is a little background:

Blog-Stedman and I have always laughed at the state of rental cars in America after seeing that commercial.   It appears to me that no matter what size car I order, when I pick it up at the airport it ends up to be approximately 1/2 the size I expected.   There is a translation error between the rental company and me.   So, for the last 10 years we have affectionately always referred to any car we rent as a “Speck”.

We ended up in Denver last week unexpectedly on less than 24 hour notice not realizing it was getting close to a holiday weekend.   I reserved a Speck from the airport to the tune of $120 a day because there weren’t many cars left in town and that was legitimately the cheapest I could find on short notice.   We took the well known rental car company bus to their rental area only to be dumped into a 2 1/2 hour LINE FOR A CAR.   I stood there 20 minutes and moved exactly 6.3 feet which then had me worried that the line may not be only 2 1/2 hours long…

We bailed out of the line and called a cab to take us downtown where we found another rental car agency to rent us a Speck for $40 a day which took the sting out of the $76 cab ride (apparently the $50 airport cab cap doesn’t include the on-site car rental locations).   At this point we weren’t picky and were just glad we wouldn’t be funding the Denver cab company’s Christmas party.

And so we spent the next 5 days in the land of oversized dancing white people,

Dancing White People in Denver

oversized blue curious bears,

Big Blue Bear at Denver Convention Center

in an under-sized, mid-size Speck

Speck with Andrea

This is a photo of the actual rental car, but not of the actual me – which made the car a bit more challenging since we were chauffeuring multiple groups of family members around the city as tall as mountains.

It was then we noticed that we had literally rented a Speck

specThe end.

And now for a picture of the Colorado sky…

Fuzzy sky in Colorado

And now for a picture of the Texas sky…

Texas sunset over Eagle Mountain Lake

with Ryan and Reid floating in the lake…well, floating is a bit of an exaggeration.   Due to the lack of rain this summer they are splashing in water that plunges to depths of 9 inches.

Maybe the lake needs super-sizing too…

Happy Monday!

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  1. when did you take that pic of me and the SPEC?? Greg was a lil slow at actually realizing the it was indeed a SPEC. LOL, Love you guys.