He MUST not be a boy

Reid(6) has successfully completed his first week of first grade.   Since he did not go to Kindergarten I was a little worried about him.

Reid's first day of school

The week went well.   When I picked him up the first day he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Mom, it was a very good first day“.



I have asked him about what he is learning.   For the most part his learning has centered around the likes and dislikes of his classmates.

After day two he came home and excitedly declared, “There are two girls in my class that like BOY things.   They like Lego.com!”



And then there was this…

Reid:   There is a boy in my class that does NOT like Star Wars.

Ryan:   What?

Yes!   He told me.   He doesn’t like Star Wars at all.

Everyone likes Star Wars.   It is the popularist thing.

I know it is popular, but this boy doesn’t LIKE popular things.

He will probably come back tomorrow and say he likes it.

No.   I asked him two times and he said he doesn’t like it.

Sometimes people change their minds.   Girls do that a lot.   Boys don’t do it though.

He doesn’t like Star Wars.   He said it.

He must not be a boy.

He doesn’t like pink.

He must not be telling the truth.

He said it!

Reid, you will learn that sometimes people lie.


  1. i am loving having my baby in first grade. love it.. we need to have coffee again.

  2. I totally agree with Ryan – no boy can not like Star Wars, it’s almost a rite of passage kind of deal. Maybe Reid should invite this boy over, so that Ryan and he can show this boy what it is like to be a “real” boy. 🙂

  3. Tammi Perry says:

    Well, my girls must really be boys because they love Star Wars! Of course since they are girls, they will probably change their minds. 🙂 I laughed so hard at this! I love ease dropping on little ones’ conversations. 🙂

  4. Haha….just wait until he learns about the little lies girls tell. 🙂

  5. I have an entire post coming this week about Princess’ first week of kinder and her very special friend who lives in a REAL haunted house and keeps a sword under her bed to kill things.

    “But MOM, she pinky swore”

    {my head fell of… argh}

  6. That made me laugh out loud. For real.

    (P.S. In this house, every one loves Star Wars AND legos, and well especially STAR WARS LEGOS. Except for me. But, I try to keep that opinion to myself. hehe.)

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