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Monday. Monday. Potluck Monday.

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Last week two of the boys were in camp every morning.
Rhett, for the first time, an only child.
3 hours of undivided attention and a taste of how it will be this fall when the older two go to school.
Pure bliss.

And now for the feature without a button or a name, but we are calling it:

Fashion tips from Rhett:

Rhett wears a towel

Rhett suggests for the summer season bringing back the Christmas Pageant look – dressing like Joseph poolside promises to be BIG this season.

Let's find out who is the Peep of the Week!

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In response to my boys running away toting candy –

Easter candy?     I can see why they are running away if there is still Easter candy left over.

Congratulations Joe in Vegas.   You are Peep of the Week!   Look to the right to see what Joe is up to this week.

And now for a little story

Dog and cat free to good home – take them while they don’t stink

This weekend I decided to clean out the dog house, the dog and the cat’s litter box.

It has been awhile.

It was very ewwww-y.

I cleaned out the dog house and threw away everything the dog had touched in the last 3 months.

Found a dead mouse.  


Then I washed the dog.   Then put the dog out to dry before she returned to her sparkling clean dog house with the new bed.

I then tackled the litter box which is in a portion of our garage.

OK, let me just mention the litter box gets scooped all the time, but a major cleaning hasn’t happened for months.It was very ewwww-y.

I then threw out everything the cat had touched in the last 3 months.  

Found a dead mouse.  


Oh, it didn’t appear that the cat had actually KILLED the mouse.   It appeared that the mouse had died of old age after a comfortable life living in the cat’s scratching post.

Yes, the mouse lived in the cat’s scratching post.

Worthless cat.

They are so lucky they are cute.

Holly presents her ¦

Free Advice to the World


Today's advice is two-fold.

Whoo hoo! A two for one right here at June Cleaver Nirvana.

And BOTH have to do with TV shows.

1.   My advice to the Law & Order: Criminal Intentthe episodes with Jeff Goldblum producers/directors:   STOP already with the over-quirky characters.   I know ya’ll think that we love Vincent d’orofino because he is all quirked up, but that isn’t true.   I love him because he is brilliantly flawed and all the characters that surround him tend to BALANCE his psychosis.   This is NOT happening on the Jeff Goldblum episodes.   Everyone in the show is crazy and rolling their eyes at his character and nothing particularly brilliant has come out of him that couldn’t have come out WITHOUT him.

2.   My advice to The Apprentice:   Watch an episode of   The Apprentice: UK on BBCA then watch an episode of the US’ The Apprentice. Alrighty, did ya notice that you wanted to fast forward through the US version, yet the UK version was compelling?   Would that have something to do with most the US episodes being TWICE AS LONG AS THEY SHOULD BE BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DRAGGED OUT FOR TWO HOURS?   I have given up on the US version, but addicted by the BBC one.   Kinda reminds me of the whole Changing Rooms vs. Trading Spaces situation.

Short TV=good TV.*

*you can quote me on that.

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl

Hmmm ¦let me get up and look.   One apple, three bananas and a TV remote….wonder for which TV?

June Cleaver Nirvana Approved
I want to mention a few more favorites today ¦
Joy the Baker bakes Root Beer Float Cake.
Daily Blog Tips try out Bing – the new search engine (via Worthington Wire)
Barefoot Foodie talks about AFTERBIRTH (Mom and anyone sent to my blog by my mom might want to skip this one)
At Tootsie Farklepants’ house ears are being eaten.
Cammie’s kids go crazy with marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.
Madge is slowing down – whew…this would be a hard one for me.
And proof that twitter is NOT a total waste of time – thanks to @RYANBURNSROCKS for recommending this:

Oh!   One more cool thing that I LOVE – I installed TweetBoard on both June Cleaver Nirvana and Burb Mom – look to your left and see the little green tabby thing?   If you click on it, it takes you to Texasholly’s tweets and you can respond right there in nested comments (kinda like PLURK!) it is pretty cool stuff.

Check it out.

A little thought for your Monday
I hope today is filled with friendly squirrels and you are surrounded by short-winded non-quirky characters…


  1. Well kudos to you for taking the “pet cleaning plunge”. My hubby and I are still in a stand-off about who’s turn it actually is to wash the dog or change the litter box.

    Poor animals.

  2. A mouse apiece for both guys? Maybe the dog killed them both and left one for the cat.

  3. I so do not like cleaning the cat’s litter box, and try to pawn it off on the kids. They are not buying! I’m starting to appreciate my parents more for all of the “stuff” that they had to clean up after, not just us kids. 🙂

    Looky there, I can comment on a blog, after all. Miss me?

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  5. Rhett channels the old Hollywood classic look. He just knows what’s up. Effortless. I have my pen and notebook ready for style tips. 😉

  6. funny. the little tab thing was red. then i clicked it and it turned green.

    methinks there is something strange here in nirvana …

  7. I wonder what Rhett will think of the only child gig. It happened once to my youngest son–and he actually said, “this is too much pressure.”

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