It really seems like it has been a month of Mondays… Someone should really write THAT song. Potluck are on Mondays badge
This summer has been the perfect storm for avoiding being online.   Seriously, it has been hard to squeak in a few minutes here and there.   It is easy for me when blog-Stedman is working because then I have the post-boy’s-bedtime evening all to myself to write, twitter, facebook, stumble, visit blogs, etc. But this week he had most of the evenings OFF. What? *insert actual adult conversation IRL here* Which left very little time for my poor neglected blog.   I am hoping to catch up this week… And now for a new feature without a button or a name.   For today let's call it ¦ Fashion tips from Rhett: Safety first

This season (according to Rhett's actions) the following items are very hot:

  • “Safety first.
  • “Since most accidents happen in the home, you can never be too careful at breakfast.
Let's find out who is the Peep of the Week! Peep of the Week button In response to last week’s potluck concerning swimming suits and Little Debbie Muffins:
Little Debbies: the true etymology of “muffin top”. May your new bathing suit not resemble a Burqua!
Congratulations Manic Mommy.   Not only are you the reigning Peep of the Week, but you are the proud owner of a big box of Little Debbie muffins – please email me your address and the muffins will arrive shortly – just in time for swimsuit season… Box from Little Debbie Mmmmmm….muffins. And now for a little story
For Weathering Texas Tornadoes, Holly recommends Best Buy Last week we had some rough weather around here. And by rough I mean winds, rains and a little funnel action.   Because I am generally clueless in this world – hey, it works for me. Blog-Stedman and I had gone out to dinner and were leisurely shopping at Office Max, Best Buy and maybe even a little Target…don’t judge us until you have been married 18 years…when the storms hit. In fact, we had walked INTO Best Buy under lovely weather conditions, shopped a few minutes and then noticed a crowd at the front of the store looking outside.   We went to the windows to see wild winds whipping in a circular pattern through the parking lot. Great.   I am going to die in Best Buy. At this point I think that maybe the front windows might not be the BEST place to die in Best Buy and I start looking around for a better place to rest.   I decide that the large appliance section is good because it looks sturdier and I am shorter than the fridges when the ceiling beams fall.   I then sat down next to a washer to text the babysitter who had already texted me saying she and the kids were in the closet at home. We built the house with a special storm closet so I am sure they are OK while I then mentally prepare to squeeze my body into a dryer.   Hey, the dryers look safe.   I then wonder if I DO fit into the dryer and the storm DOES actually collapse the ceiling and the rescuers SEARCH the rubble, will they find me in the dryer? I decide it is too great a risk so instead I sit by a washer trying to twitter my troubles on a crappy signal that results in no one on twitter hearing my woes. Life is hard some times. And then the storm passed. And we went home. And everyone was OK. And I never had to find out whether my body would actually fit into the largest capacity front loading dryer that Best Buy sells. Holly presents her ¦ Free Advice to the World *applause* Today's advice is for the people at American Express Gift Cards.   I was recently given an American Express Gift Card – YEAH! and Thank you.   Since I was unfamiliar with how they roll I just assumed you used it like a credit or debit card.   Which you do UNTIL IT GETS LOW ON FUNDS.   When it gets low on funds you start playing The Price is Right game – betting whether what you are purchasing is of equal or lesser value than the card holds.   Now since I haven’t figured out EXACTLY what that sum is it is also part slot machine.   So, I hand my card over to the unsuspecting clerk at the zoo, the gas station, the McDonald’s, the Starbucks only to have it DENIED which is always FUN!   Fun times. Now I am mad and in search of the perfectly priced item to purchase to expend ALL FUNDS because why should American Express get to keep some of the money that was given to me? My advice to American Express Gift Cards:
  • Give Holly the GIFT of HER OWN FREAKING GIFT.
What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl

The fruit bowl overflows this week with the Farmer’s Market bounty.   Plums, onions and new potatoes fill the bowl…along with a few left-over muffins.

On Friday I had the fun adventure of meeting three other DFW bloggers at Battle the Bug – Fort Worth:

Bloggers at Battle the Bug - Fort Worth

Aren’t we super cute? Left to right it is me, Stephanie, Rachel, and Alyssa.   I want to thank Cooper at The Motherhood for letting me know about the event because it really was a lot of fun.   The whole story, including my first self-edited video is on Burb Mom.   Oh, and I am still reeling from not taking the bug catching record.   I call for a recount.

A little thought for your Monday I hope today you have no need for a large capacity dryer, but if you do – may you fit nicely inside…

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  1. Very impressed with that video. I keep saying since vlogging seems to be the way to go, that I need to do it. You have inspired me once again!

  2. i’m totally heading for the dryer next time we have a tornado warning.

    oh. wait.

    we’ve never had one of those.

    does it work in earthquakes?

  3. What I like best about your video? The camera person you hired not only captured the events but provided the laugh track as she filmed (digitized?).
    And that’s inspired me. If I ever get rich, I think that I’m just going to hire my own portable laugh track studio audience to follow me around and laugh every time I give them the cue.

  4. A “special storm closet?” I’m heading to your house the next time they call for that stuff.

    My street looks like your beavers have been working overtime – poor, poor, oak trees.

    Glad you guys faired well, no dryer time and all.

  5. There should be a place at American Express website to enter your gift card number and check your balance….

    And I seriously haughed so hard at the thought of you in a dryer in a tornado…face pressed against the glass door as you whirled around and around in a tornado.

    Until I realized that my Friend Holly probably wouldn’t survive such a ride, then it wasn’t so funny…

  6. Dear Rhett:

    I know Mommy sometimes makes kitchen disasters, but please ask Daddy to feed you in the living room, or to allow you to remove the protective head gear. 🙂

    PS Please tell Mommy that her stories today would be SO divine made into little drawerings.

    And one last thing — if Mommy and Daddy are doing all that chatting at night, may you finally be getting a little sister soon?