Tucked inside the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens is an amazing place for kids.   It is an elevated boardwalk through the forest with all sorts of special places to visit.
Fort Worth Botanic Garden:   3220 Botanic Garden Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76107 – (817) 871-7686
Enter the first Garden entrance (closest to 30) and park along the street. When you see the big log, you are close. The log is actually made of concrete and large enough for a whole group of children to play on top, inside and in between.

Boys on a log

Just beyond the log is the entrance to the children’s boardwalk.

Botanical Gardens - Fort Worth boardwalk

All along the raised trail are learning stations where kids can learn about plants, animals, insects, birds and whether trees poop. Yep, I said whether trees poop.

Botanical Gardens learning stations

Because the trail is high, children can peek through the wire rails at everything below.   It is almost like being in a tree house throughout the entire walk.

Fort Worth botanical gardens boardwalk

Just beyond the boardwalk is a quiet little Lilly pond. Well, it WAS quiet before we got there. I am happy to report that no one ended up in the middle of it on this trip.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens - lilly pond

We saved the water fun for this action-initiated fountain in one of the prettiest corners of the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens.   If you get close, the spray will get ya.

Boy playing in fountain

Everyone goes home wet, worn out and happy.

Bridge in Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The crazy thing is that we have only scratched the surface of things to see at the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens, but that is usually all we stop to see. Some day we will explore a little further on another adventure.

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  1. I love the Ft. Worth Botanical Garden! Such a beautiful place to let kids run around. Plus on Saturdays there is a good chance you will see a bride. And that makes me happy:)

  2. What an amazing find!! I wish there were more places like that around here. I’d love to see it for myself, it looks amazing!