I love Christmas cards. The getting more than the giving. Years ago, prior to children I was a Christmas card snob. You know the ones. The people that expect that the cards should be signed, NOT PRINTED. The people that expect a personal note, NOT A GENERAL GREETING. The people that have WAY too much time on their hands… Yep, that was me. Times have changed along with expectations. I now send out PRINTED cards with GENERAL GREETINGS. I squeal in delight when I receive a card, any card. I am a BIG fan of the photo card. I search the pictures for clues of change. A few years ago I noticed AN ADDITIONAL CHILD in one of my best friend’s Christmas photos. Turns out she had a baby and forgot to tell me. Ooops! Big mistake. I am good for super cute baby gifts especially if it can be frilly and pink. This year I opened a photo card that struck me odd. It wasn’t that the family wasn’t handsomely dressed and posed perfectly, it was that they were TOO PERFECT. Like an iStock Photo family. I stared at the picture and realized that the reason it seemed like stock photography was that I didn’t recognize the family at all. I grabbed the envelope to make sure I opened something addressed to me. Yep. The holiday greetings were mine. I opened the card to read the printed signatures and that didn’t help either. I don’t know these people. Oh well. Cute family…up on the wall they go with the others. Yesterday I was at my in-laws house. I was looking through their Christmas cards when all of a sudden I came across my mystery family card. My mother-in-law had received one of the cards too! Me: Who are these people? MIL: I have no idea. Great. Is it possible that I have uncovered a new trend of Christmas card spam?

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  1. Huh? Okay, that’s just weird. But hey, at least they are spreading Christmas cheer! : )

    Hope you and yours had a great Christmas Holly!

  2. Oh, do you like our card? I thought that since we are like blog family now that your whole actual family should be on our list! I think I hit your cousins, neighbors, and coworkers past and present as well! Merry Christmas!

  3. We got one this year also that was someone I had no idea who they were.. It was hand addressed to the Mullin Family b/c I thought the same thing hmm must be a realator or something. However I threw mine in the trash. see I am a display snob only pic cards go up in the display and only PEOPLE I KNOW!!!

  4. I’m still a Christmas card snob. I hand address every envelope and write something on every card even if it’s just xoxo or the year.

    Of course most of my cards don’t get out until mid-April. It’s a trade-off.

    xoxo, SG

  5. I would totally take credit for that card, except that “perfect” and “stock photo” is NOT the way you would ever describe my family photos!

  6. How weird!! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Holly! I’m one of the slackers that didn’t get one single card mailed this year. And I’m feeling incredibly guilty. I’m hopeful for a New Year’s card, but don’t hold your breath….