It has been cold here this week. Not in a ‘Oh poor shivering Texans it is 55 degrees‘ kinda way. More of a ‘How can Texas be so cold?‘ kinda way. I know that I am not getting any sympathy from Northern readers, but you have to remember that there is a reason I live in Texas…it is warm. There are sacrifices I make during the summer (enduring 32 straight days above 100) so that I can snicker at snow and ice during the winter. Snow? HA! Ice? Tee hee! And because it is warm the houses are built to maximize A/C. And because it is warm the houses are built to create air flow. And because it is warm the houses are provided with heat as an afterthought. This results in climate zones across the house. My closet must be the North Pole. It is definitely penguin-ready. My master bedroom is Canada. Blog-Stedman’s office is the Northern states. The living room is the Southern states including Texas. The kitchen must be situated smack dab on top of the equator…where did I put away that fan? It seems nice to be able to travel the world in just a few steps… *cough* The problem is that you have to dress differently for each zone. This results in various layers of warmth strewn across the house. Going to the kitchen? Don’t forget the sunscreen. Going to watch a little TV? You might need a sweater. And Don’t even THINK of entering my closet without a scarf and snow boots…

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  1. it’s been anywhere from 18 to 70 degrees in the last week. we’re in north texas and i currently try to avoid the master closet igloo…

    best wishes for a warm night in canada!

    the mrs.

  2. It’s been the same here. Southern California – 38 degrees last night. WTF?

    Our homes here were not built for cold weather. No insulation. And eating more Christmas cookies doesn’t help…

  3. You need a penguin soundtrack…they move from the frozen tundra…they waddle (not that you waddle, my dear) to the warmth of the kitchen…they waddle to bed where the male penguin watches over the baby penguins while the female penguin enjoys the warmth of the kitchen preparing food for the flock. Think Morgan Freeman is available for the new penguin documentary? LOL
    Merry Christmas, my bloggy pal.

  4. Oh man, we have the same problem in our Northern California house. Sometimes when I’m in my daughter’s room I grab her frog’s basking lamp and turn it on myself to thaw out.

    You’ve given me a lot of happiness this year. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  5. We live in the same kind of house! Only in metro Atlanta. Our bedroom is on the 3rd floor – heat rises, did you know? ALL the heat. In the den, I often wear what I refer to as my smoking jacket – a gigantic fluffy red winter coat. I’m serious.