What to wear when trapping beavers…

Last week I asked you to identify these:


They were made for me by a reader who was inspired to improve my beaver trapping experience. This will all make much more sense if you know that story–well maybe not.

And so the contest was born.

And then your comments began.

And then I could be found on my floor rolling with laughter.

And then I thought maybe I should share some of your answers.

So here, in no particular order (except I am saving the winner(s) for last) are YOUR answers:

Should I use them as a shirt accessory to keep the buttons from gapping? I usually wear my shorty pajamas when trapping so I might not use the shirt…

Should they decorate my fruit bowl? No, it is too dark to fully appreciate how pretty they are…

Would they make a headband to keep the hair out of my eyes? I tried it, but then the beads were then in my eyes…

I could wrap them around trees to either distract the golfers from what I am wearing, mark a territory in which I could wear less clothes or mark trees that are appropriate for beaver felling. I am worried that I might get in trouble with the HOA…

Should they be used to decorate my purse organizer? Pretty, but overkill…

Could I use them to muzzle a beaver? Please note that this is not an actual beaver (no actual beavers were harmed and yes, that is Holly’s fruitbowl)…

I agree that it would best be used to muzzle the professional trapper. But that doesn’t seem very likely…

Would the best use be beaver collars? I could even tell what beavers were previously trapped. What a useful beaver sorting system…

It could be a whip for snakes and turtles. The rattle might even scare away rattle snakes! I am all for whipping and scaring, but would like them field tested before actual use…

Should I use them to caulk my bathroom sink? None of my bathrooms are pink…

I could apply them to the snakes so they would be cuter and less frightening. Please note that this is not an actual snake (no snakes were harmed) and an actual snake may be larger then it appears…

I could apply it to my forehead to protect it from my minivan. Or just put it on the corner of my minivan door to cushion my head against further injury. That might save me some pain…

Maxi pad decorations?To keep my boobs from falling out of my top?
A waxing tool?
I am sparing you the photos on all of those (you can thank me very much)…

Should they be used to entice beavers into the trap? Please note this is not an actual beaver trap (no beaver traps were harmed)…




THIS IS finally THE ACTUAL INTENTION of the gift! Julie made them to adorn the hem of my shorty pajamas (Jennifer H was the first one to guess this).

So sweet! I am afraid the trim might not wear well on the pjs, so I have decided to do this…

I am using them to trim my snake fighting boots (Veronica was the first to guess this).

I think I will be the fashion envy of the beaver trapping world…

Thanks Julie for such a fun gift. And in true Nirvana style, I beat it like a dead horse.

So Jennifer H and Veronica will split the prize since no one got the two part question right.

If you are dressing for non-beaver trapping related activities, please visit Fussy for more fight the frump.

PS–Please excuse me if I missed your link or I linked you to the wrong thing. I was suffering from link fatigue…


  1. I honestly couldn’t tell what it is until I read this entry.

    This is a very cool contest. :D! It would be great to have one of these for my friends too. 🙂

  2. Oooh I won something! And I am all good with sharing.

    Seriously, how did you do all those links? My head would have exploded.

  3. frogpondsrock says:

    hahahahahahaha… I am giggling away here.. That was a lot of fun holly..
    thanks xxx
    cheers kim

  4. standing still says:

    Only the really gay snakes will come after you now, and they will be so impressed at how CHIC and HAWT you look, they’ll want to coil around your ever so fetching boot and join you for a Cosmo.

  5. Fabulous Fabulous…now I must design a maxi pad adornment.I cant be the last on the block to get one of those.

  6. Okay that is funny!

  7. that was so much fun!
    Late to the party again. Darn.
    Love the boots. Now you are a true fashionista!!

  8. The boots are definitely stylish now! All wild game shall shudder in fear for the “hunter with pink frilly boots” and the legend will be nearly as great as the “screaming banshees on deer trail” story from the northwest.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. EatPlayLove says:

    LOL! That was a great one, too funny! I still believe they would be cute beaver collars.

  10. Shoot, I should have guessed! My first guess was to make the shorty pajamas not so short, but alas, I didn’t! I thought it would be more obscure.

    You beat a dead horse quite well and with much entertainment!

  11. What a pretty pair of boots 😉
    great post!

  12. Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique says:


    I’d like to place an order. Size 8 1/2 in the pretty boots.

  13. i think your boots are just lovely!!!

  14. Jennifer H says:

    Yay! I won, I really won? (Congratulations, Veronica!)

    This was hilarious–there were some clever ideas…Maybe you’ll have to whip out the sewing machine and make some of these for yourself. Maybe Blog Stedman wants some for his boots and shorty PJS, too? (Julie’s a clever girl, btw.)

  15. On a limb with Claudia says:

    What a great contest! So wonderfully interactive and hilarious! I simply bow down to your superior blogability! Well done!

  16. Oooooo how cute!! I want some for my boots! I think the cows and donkeys might like them. The duck on the other hand might try to bite my leg. :o)

  17. {insert witty comment here}

    It’s been that kind of morning 😉

  18. American in Norway says:

    I knew what they were the entire time.. I was just to lazy to comment. ; )

  19. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    A present for the girl who has everything . . .!

  20. Fine, I’ll take my Professional Trapper Muzzler idea to someone who will REALLY appreciate it! I’m just not sure who that would be.

    OK, are those YOUR legs in the boots? If so, I am SO, SO JEALOUS beyond words of your gammiest of gams! Wowza!

  21. Those snake boots RAWK!


  22. the planet of janet says:

    wait. you didn’t say that no horses were harmed in the writing of this post. please tell me that you didn’t pick on trigger or seattle slew or something like that???

  23. jennifer, playgroups are no place for children says:

    I wade through a lot of muck here in Indiana and need some fancy boots like that! Great tip. I’m going right now to spiff up a pair.

  24. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    I still say they would be cute to adorn the minivan.

  25. Elaine A. says:

    Oh yes, now your boots look absolutely fabu!!

  26. Your beaver trapping story made me laugh out loud! And I must say that your snake fighting boots look fabulous!

  27. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    Um, were you suffering from picture taking fatigue too?

  28. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    Damn! I was way off.

    Congrats to the winners!

  29. Too funny!! I have that same purple and green rubbery snake, or I should say my son does. Only better he has a real one too !!

  30. Those look *FIERCE* on the boots! Rawk it, hawt mama!

  31. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Duh…so obvious, but, of course, not something I came up with. Oy.

    And how long did this take you? :0)

  32. Sleeping with Ward Cleaver says:

    ha! perfect pajama accessories, and great ingenuity on your part, boot-decorating with them. You clearly have some crafter in your genes…

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