*Disclaimer: This potluck is heavily laden with idle chatter about blogs. If you don’t have a blog, (Fred) get one this may not interest you. You are excused from today’s potluck. Here at the Nirvana no one is contractually obligated to read on…*

*skipping into frame* Hi! It is Potluck day. Welcome to a super duper fun filled potluck in honor of all the blogs I love beginning with the letter “M”. It’ll be MMMMM’mmmmm. good.

Today I am contributing a yummy “M” food, mini muffins. I can make the mini muffins from a mix at home, but I am not on speaking terms with my oven right now. So a little trip to Central Market was in order.

Why the letter “M”? There are some awesome blogs in my reader starting with that letter. In fact, look at this very impressive list:

Madness, Madness, I say
Make it a Double
Manic Mommy
Marlee’s Rant
Marriage Hacks
Memories and Musings
Mommy Cracked
Momo Fali
Mrs. Flinger
My Little Drummer Boys
My Semblance of Sanity

The M’s are a who’s who of the blogsphere. A list of blogs I would want on a deserted island. BUT there is one problem. M is in the middle. M is in the middle of the alphabet. M is in the middle of my reader list.

I have a system. I alternate between reading my reader from the top (A down…) and the bottom (Z up…). Poor M’s. Poor neglected M’s. Inevitably, something distracts me midway through the list. I can usually make it down to L or up to N, but M just gets left in the middle.

I was so relieved when Madge’s Mad, Madge World started with an “I” for “It’s a”. I am so thankful that Mad Marriage starts with a “B” for “Blog Confessions of”. I can keep up with Mrs. Fussypants because she starts with an “F” for simply “Fussy”.

I think Mom Two Boys is on to something with that “A”…

I suggest taking note of what has been happening in the Yellow Pages for years. If it works for plumbers, locksmiths and personal injury lawyers, it could work for your blog!

Why not add an “A” in front of your blog name? Why stop at just one? In fact, 3 sounds good! Suddenly, Motherscribe becomes AAA Motherscribe and Momisodes becomes ZZZ Momisodes. I don’t want to imply that Sandy’s blog would put anyone to sleep, she could use YYY or XXX, but that might categorize her out of the mommyblogging realm. I have noticed that punctuation also works as in the case of the OMG blog whose “!!” before and after elevate it to before “A” reader status.

Just a little suggestion so that Yes, and so my heart and
A Mom Two Boys don’t get all the attention around here.

*deep announcer voice* And now it’s time to play Holly’s favorite game…

Holly: Thank you. Thank you. Today I have a winner! A winner for best Google search that brought you to the Nirvana. What makes me giddy is that after googling this…it brought you to me. It was fate. The winner is…*drum roll*…the dear reader who arrived after the search “Googling my life away”! *wild applause*

Reid(4) randomly announced “I hope the good guys win”. It was without context. It was out of the blue. It is a better 6 word memoir meme then mine.

Alright, I am off to ??? Mommy Cracked??? and
!!! Momo Fali!!!

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  1. That is it! I am pulling a Huckdoll and renaming my blog! I’m not sure what I am going to call it but, it will start with the letter A or better yet the number 1.

    (mumbling to self) stupid M titled name. stupid, stupid, stupid.