My Zen Kids…

We tried an experiment today: four boys (ages 4,4,5 and 6) with a yoga teacher for one hour–sounds impossible? It was fabulous! I have never seen such quiet, well-behaved, attentive, downright zen kids and I am happy to report that 2 of them were mine–yeah! She started out with breathing training and then they played like they were all kinds of animals. You can see their spiderman pose to the right. One funny thing is that the kids took really naturally to child’s pose–hmmmm. Ryan was really good at following directions and really showed great concentration. Reid (who is not very coordinated in karate) looked like he had been doing yoga for years. He caught on very quickly to the poses and was making up his own poses by the end.

I was trying not to take pictures with a flash because I didn’t want to disturb such serenity. Next time I need a video camera! The boys were dressed to go to karate afterward, but they had so much fun and were totally worn-out afterward so we will do our karate another day. The picture to the left is of 4 boys perfectly posed.

We are trying to find a time to do a weekly class because I think the breathing control, flexibility and balance training and moments of quiet are pretty big things to little boys.


  1. Happy Campers says:

    Looks like we really missed out today. Let me know if you schedule another one & if we can come. Reese would LOVE this! Loved your pictures 😉

  2. how cool. my boys need a kids yoga class BAD

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