the lavatory line

She was standing next to the lavatory at the back of the plane.

She was exhaustion tinted with frantic.

kid on a planeShe was wrapped in a one year old.   The clinging seemed to be mutual.   She was whispering in his ear and rocking them back and forth.

The line of restroom goers stood silently around her pretending like she wasn’t there.

Each time the door opened, she had to step out of the door’s path into non-existent space.

It was a 3 hour flight.

Too early in a 3 hour flight.

I had arrived at the restroom line in search of Rhett.   Rhett’s major source of in-flight entertainment is lavatory occupation.

The plane bathroom is so cool!

We had taken several recent flights and he had demonstrated lavatory usage independence through practice.   He had walked back by himself and after a few minutes my mommy-this-is-taking-too-much-time alarm was sending out warning beeps.   I walked back to the plane to find him thinking how easy it would be for a 6 year old to get stuck behind the folding door with the very high locking mechanism.

I found Rhett standing next to her.

He was next in line.   His delay was entirely line dependent.

I weaved up to stand beside him and noticed that she was glancing at him.

It does get easier.   I said.

It gets easier every day.

I should never have traveled alone with him, but my family lives across the country.   I knew better than to try this.

It looks like you have your hands full.

He is a very active baby.   He won’t go to sleep.   The people I am seated with are not very tolerant.

I haven’t heard him at all.   You are doing a good job keeping him quiet.   He looks happy.

He is a good baby.   It is just the pressure not to bother anyone.

It does get easier.   Every day it gets easier.

When I saw your son come back to the lavatory alone, it gave me hope that this will get easier.


  1. Bless her heart. When we were stationed in England I flew back & forth to Texas several times with my daughter who was three at the time and later with her and my infant son. The last time, Griffin had just turned one and I remember vividly how stressful that was. Ten hours on an airplane with a little one. Oh, how I feel her pain. But you’re right. It does get easier. It’s just hard to see it at the time!

  2. It does get easier. Though when it’s you, it feels like time goes backward.

  3. I wish you were on my flight with my active baby! Thanks for saying something!

  4. awww…what a sweet bird she is. and darling of you to be compassionate.

  5. So nice! Thanks for being one of the people we all hope to come across.

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