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Potlucks are on MondaysGood Monday to you!

Welcome to potluck where Mondays are celebrated and wrapped in a bow of randomness.

Here at the Nirvana, we figure if Mondays insist on reappearing each week, we better put them to some potluck work.

potluck storytime with HollyAt my house it seems like I am the only one that puts things away.   I know that many of you are shaking your heads and thinking that this might be a bigger issue of parenting, but bear with me.  

I have tried to organize each closet, drawer and cabinet to allow everything to have a place.   In theory, this is a great thing.   In action, it seems to require that I am continually re-organizing to assure that that space hasn’t been invaded.

If I could only pinpoint the source of the invasion!

The boys are good {when reminded} to put the obvious things away.   I have stopped asking them to put the not-so-obvious away because I have found that putting something away in the WRONG place is WAY worse in the long run than NOT putting it away.

Because I will never find it.

Because we will scour the house looking for where someone MIGHT have put it away.

See how much better it would be if it was just sitting out in the middle of the hall?

Pledge potluck banner updated with II*big hug for the potluck sponsor*

Today Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner is tackling the kids’ homework area.   The wooden table we use for homework can now become 99.9% germ-free when I use Pledge ® Multi-Surface II Antibacterial Cleaner according to the directions.

Watch me!

holly is living better through pinterestIf you have been a reader for awhile {OK, maybe a LONG while}, you are familiar with my love of tile.   Because of this, I had been collecting tile samples and pictures throughout the years for no apparent reason.   When Pinterest came along, that became a lot easier.   I have an entire board devoted to tile.

And then I pinned this…



Which I love!

But it isn’t tile!

I am calling it tile because I refuse to start a board, I love Bottle Caps Used as Tile.

when Holly writes elsewhere potluckReid, Rhett and I made a simple machine:

simple machines: pulleysCheck out our super complicated machine over at Kids Activities Blog, Pulley for Kids.

Ryan and I explored our inner food artists:

fruit mural recipeWe made fruit murals…that were SO YUMMY that Reid declared them the best thing EVER.


What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?As with all good things, we are nearing an end.

I think we should really lobby for an end to the “all good things come to an end” thing.   That is kinda dumb.   Wouldn’t it be great if all good things could just go on and on?

I will work on that.

Anyway, to take the sting out of potluck end {until we stand together and abolish the good things coming to an end}, let’s see what the fruit bowl holds…

  • my cell phone
  • All Aboard for Reading volume 25 {The letter Y, silly}
  • 6 apples that are fading into applesauce

Happy Monday!   May you find what you are looking for…

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