This afternoon I was excited because today was the first day I felt like my calendar had softened and my to-do list had become manageable. lego minifigure crowdI COULD use the few newly freed minutes to be productive, but my first impulse is…to blog. So as we did schoolwork today, my mind wandered to what I could write here tonight. The funny thing is that I have the FEAR of writer’s block, but rarely experience it except when I am stressed.   If I am stressed, my brain’s first defense mechanism is creative shutdown. Thanks brain!   It isn’t like doing something creative might be stress-relieving or anything. ALERT:   rant end. As the day progressed, no fully developed ideas had popped up.   No big deal.   I have always said that as long as I am the mom of three boys, I will never be sans story. We ate dinner, the boys took baths, my husband and I took a walk, I answered email…still nothing. I finished answering all my email. The boys were about to go to bed. I had nothing. Rhett(6) called from upstairs:   Mom!   Bring your camera upstairs. Why? I built something I want you to take a picture of. OK. I went upstairs and followed his very specific instructions on what camera angle he wanted for 7 different shots of a Lincoln Log tower he built.   Finally I was released from his photography direction. I turned and saw the crowd of LEGO mini-figures {pictured above} and said to Rhett that I might as well take a picture of this too while I was here. He told me that Reid had put those there so he could count them.   Reportedly there were hundreds {but suspiciously no one had a CLEAR number despite the fact that they were placed there for the sole purpose of counting}. I laid down on the floor to get a close-up shot. Ummm…Why is Harry Potter wearing a bra? Lego harry potter in a braOh, we don’t like him so we make him dress that way. Alrighty, that blog post just wrote itself.

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  1. Hmmm. Luka does the exact same thing to his Harry Potter head. Also he must hate him even more than your children, because not only does he get Princess Leia’s bra, he gets Yoda’s short legs. Harry Potter is getting the shaft I tell you.

  2. bwahahaha! LOVE this post! will need to share it with my 11yr daughter, she loves the lego mini figures and will get a kick out of this! 🙂