This week marked the last day of school and the start of summer…

What am I going to do with three boys?

Go to the park.
Here are pictures from 3 of the 5 parks we visited this week…

Self-shadow portrait of Rhett and I holding hands on Mother’s Day…

Go see more pictures at Lotus’ place.

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  1. You need to road trip to Colorado; we can hit new and exciting parks with our boys in tow, then leave them at night and drink margaritas. 😉 Just lemme know when you’re coming so I can shovel a path through the toys to the guest room. LOL!

  2. great pics–love the visuals with the triangular window view of the triangular swingset poles. You’ve got quite the artistic eye…(and also love the shadows holding hands 😉

  3. School’s out already?? Say it isn’t so.

    Looks like you guys are havin’ lost o’ fun. Love the pics!