Photography as a hobby is at an all time high right now.  With the new affordability of DSLR cameras, many people are getting them and learning to take gorgeous photos.  It’s a really fun adventure,  but how can we take our love of photography and really share it with our children? Today’s best blog feature, Peanut Blossom, is sharing a few tips to introduce our kiddos to photography and have fun with it.  Remember, be patient!

Tips to Enjoy Photography With Your Children

Tips to Enjoy Photography With Your Children

Photograph your vacation  – This is great information on capturing your kids reactions when you’re on vacation.  There are so many different things to photograph (scenery, buildings, food, wildlife) but one of the most important is the looks on your children’s faces. Choosing a camera for your little one  – If you have considered getting your child their very own camera to begin learning about photography, here are five guidelines to follow.  You will definitely want to get something durable and set up a few rules for using it.Tips to Enjoy Photography With Your Children Hide the mess  – Have you ever seen a perfect photo-op but were worried about having a huge mess in the background of your photos?  Since our homes are never in perfect order, here are some quick ways to capture the moment but hide the mess.  You never want to miss out on a great moment! Photo Walks  – A great way to explore your photography is to go outside and take a walk.  Here are six tips and ideas for a successful photo walk.  First and foremost, relax and enjoy!

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