Stick Puppet Tutorial: Our Preschool Theater Production

Puppets are great for fostering pretend play! My three year old especially enjoyed having her puppet dolls walk and hold hands, have elaborate conversations… my son, as much as he enjoyed decorating his “man” all he wanted to do when he was finished was sword fight with his “puppet”.   Boys.     Want to know how to make your own stick puppets? Here is what we did!




Puppet Making Supplies:

  • Body Cut-out to trace.
  • Fun Cardstock Paper – we used some of the shaving cream painted sheets from last week’s activity.
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Hot Glue Gun (we tried tacky glue, but it was not effective)
  • Sequins, glitter, feathers, etc. for embellishing

How we made the stick puppets:

We traced out the body outlines onto our decorated papers, cut them out two at a time so we had matching halves.   Then glued a skewer, sandwiched between two “people”, add googly eyes, glitter for a mouth, sequins and feathers for hair and viola!   We have out stick puppets!



Sponsored by Dallas Hair Salon, Splurge! They do a great job on hair!


  1. Stick Puppets allow kids to express themselves. Their imagination soars and comes alive when they see the craft supplies being pulled out of the closet. Styrofoam and straws add a new dimension.

  2. Stick puppets are very educational in a lot of ways. It’s good for summer classes or even at home during family bonding.

  3. Can one become a partner on YouTube with copyright content on their page?

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