Have some photo fun with those pictures on your camera.  Print them out and let your kids make a photo frame for them.  We at Kids Activities Blog know you want to display those photos of your kids that you are so proud of so we hope you like this cute photo display idea.  Thanks to Sali at Zak and Nayu for being a Quirky Momma for the day!

Photo Fun: Make a Photo Frame {Cute Photo Display}

Photo Fun

Make cartoon like frames out of cardboard. They are lightweight and can be hung on the wall using just blue tack. You will need:
  • The image you want to frame
  • x2 Cardboard pieces
  • Pencil
  • Scalpel/ scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or paint

Kids can make a photo frame for a cute photo display (photo fun!)

Make a Photo Frame

1. Gather your materials. 2. Place your image in the middle one of the cardboard pieces and trace around it using the pencil. Do the same on the other piece. 3. Now that you know where your image will sit, decide on the shape of your frame and draw or trace it onto both pieces of cardboard. Chose which piece will be the back, and make it exactly the same size as the front, or make it smaller. Cut around your pencil marks to reveal your frame shape. 4. Take your front piece and draw a line all around the inside of your image ˜marks ™ from step 1. Draw the lines about one centimeter in (or more depending on how you want the end result to be). 5. Attach your image to the back piece using tape, glue, or blue tack. Now apply a light layer of glue all around the edges of the back piece and gently attach it to the front.

Photo Display

If you want it to stand on a table, then cut a strip of cardboard and bend the edges out like wings. Attach these wings to the back of the frame with strong glue. The frame will be able to lean on this folded strip. Decorate the front of your frame using your marker. All done! Try making different frames and use them to frame children's drawings, cartoons, or photo prints.

Kids can have some photo fun as they make a photo frame for this cute photo display!

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  1. Such a neat idea!! These would be the perfect way for my teacher husband to display his comic club’s illustrations in class. Love it!

  2. I love how cute, fun and EASY this craft is!! I love crafts that have a big reward for not tooo much planning, buying and coordination 🙂