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Mothers Day

For several years in a row I had disappointing Mother’s Days.   I envisioned Mother’s day being a meal out, hugs, a card, some chocolate, and no dishes.       My hubs has never been one for celebrating birthdays or holidays or other events – so for the most part I expected and tolerated it, but as my kids turned into toddlers and then preschoolers my disappointment grew.   I wanted our kids to learn to show appreciation, as a life-skill.   Gratitude is important to express and I wanted my kids to learn that skill. That’s it! Time to start a new Mother’s Day tradition.

Celebrate Mom on Mothers Day and start a tradition in your family

Start a Tradition

From now on, the kids look forward to Mother’s (and Father’s Day).   It is our day to relish being the parent of our child and for our kids to enjoy us!   We now have two holidays filled with quality time, lots of hugs, chocolate, homemade cards – and again, no dishes!!! Armed with a bag of disposable plates and silverware, Hubs and I gave each child some money and asked them to pick something out at the store that they wanted to enjoy with me – The kids were SO excited to run through the store.     I got coloring books and twist-able crayons, plastic toy horses, a new puzzle, transformer men and a container of bubble juice!   The kids wrapped their presents for me, drew cards telling me how they wanted to play with my new toys with me.   I did no dishes, and instead spent most of the day coloring, pretending to be a vet to my wild horses as my daughter was their “trainer”, having battles with transformers and other super hero figures, and eating lots of chocolate. My oldest is turning seven and this will be the third year of our tradition.   I think my kids are more excited for Mothers Day (and Father’s Day the next month) than I am!   My older children are already planning and scheming of the different activities and gifts they are going to buy “for me” – and I can’t wait to enjoy a day of being a mom, playing with them, intentionally investing and enjoying my kids for one day a year. …Now, the kids want to know when they can have a “Kids Day”. moms celebrate the difference  

4 Moms Talk About Mother’s Day

In last night’s episode of the Parenting Lounge, the Parenting Lounge panel tackled Mother’s Day with an All Things Mother’s Day wheel.  Check out what these four moms think about traditions they had with their moms and now as moms:
The Parenting Lounge is hosted by Kids Activities Blog’s Holly Homer.  Panelists include Jamie Harrington, Jamie Reimer and Jenny Ingram.


Thanks Mari for encouraging us to tell how we overcame the differences and created new traditions in how we celebrated Motherhood.

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  1. I cannot imagine time better spent. Especially when I don’t have to worry about the dishes or cooking. The picture describes it perfectly! Motherhood brings joy!

  2. I love that!
    I definitely had a few disappointing Mother’s Days at first — but finally I spoke up to my husband and let him know I’d like at least a card or something. (The kids were too young to know what to do at first, after all!) I think we may have to try something like this — finding a way to spend the day together just enjoying each other and playing.