Cleanliness has side effects

When we built our home a few years ago, it was with one main goal…


Our house is a carpetLESS zone.

After years and years and years and years of extracting hairballs from carpet fibers I became hairball intolerant.

And then we had kids.

And then crushed cereal, sippy cup drippings, baby puke, peanut butter cracker remnants, and pea gravel tag-a-longs joined the cat gifts.

And then I devoted a portion of each day to scrubbing furry floors in hopes to return the carpet to an ever-dulling shade of beige. And I don’t even LIKE beige.

Fun times.

Solid surface flooring was the answer.

Concrete, wood, tile, linoleum, fiber floorI embrace you.

Hairball? No problem! Let me get a paper towel!

Toddler vomit? Not a big deal! Let me get a wet washcloth.

Park pine bark? Who cares? Let me get a broom.

And a set of earplugs.


Yes, because cleanliness comes with a price.

A home sans-carpet is a home void of sound deadening fiber.

A cough in the night echoes through the halls…


Footsteps on the second floor sound like a herd of angry elephants.

Three boys fighting sound like…

three boys fighting to the third power as broadcast in THX.

*insert impressive THX testing music here*

It is like going to an elementary school band concert in the fall. You sit there smiling in a crowded auditorium whispering behind your program until the festivities begin. The music starts and you inwardly cringe under your smile, but when the sound bounces again at you from the back wall mingling with the out of kilter notes blasting from the stage you want to cover your ears in horror and run for the nearest auditorium double door…but you can’t. You have to sit there. And smile.

And that is what I am doing at home.

I am trying to enjoy my clean floors over all that noise...

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