Are you ready for the ultimate food fight of your life?

Then make plans to head down to the Texas State Fairgrounds for TOMATO BATTLE!

tomato battle pic

There’s really not much to it.   Bring your fun-loving self and act like a kid as you throw tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes at your friends and total strangers at the Texas State Fairgrounds!

She Is Dallas Info The Dallas Tomato Battle will take place on Saturday, November 12th at the Texas State Fairgrounds/ Fair Park, 3921 Martin Luther King Blvd,Dallas, Texas 75210.  Order your tickets online for $59.99 but I’ve heard that you can use discount code “dirtytomato” for 40% off admission.  For more information, please visit the Tomato Battle website.   You can also follow Tomato Battle Facebook and Tomato Battle Twitter.

Beware, some people have reported extreme joy, and even cases of ecstatic euphorea during and after a Tomato Battle, so if you're the type of person who does not like good times with freinds, memories that stay with you a life time, or if others have called you a party pooper in the past then this may not be the food fight for you.

Now, if after careful considerations you ™ve decided you do like having fun, and are not into pooping parties, then please read on and gather the important information tidbits below.

What’s the Schedule?

Noon – Registration and Beer Garden opens

1:30 – Live Entertainment

3:00 – Costume Contest

3:15 – Live Entertainment

4:30 – Tomato Battle Begins!!!

7:00 – Live Entertainment

What Should I Bring?

Bring your registration ticket, eye protection, and shoes with good tread.   Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting drenched with tomatoes.   Oh, and you’ll probably want to bring a clean change of clothes for after the battle!

What Should I Not Bring?

Any tomato throwing devices such as potato guns, sling shots, etc., alcohol, kids under age 14, and of course, don’t bring your nice clothes!

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  1. Sounds fun and messy, but hard to see all those tomatoes go to waste when people are struggling to put food on their tables. How about make sauce and watch Attack of the KillerTomatoes!