Are you ready for some fun Halloween craft ideas?

Are easy projects what you’re looking for?

I have some great tutorials to share with you and some of them even have free printables with them!

  1. Pumpkin Poo with Free Printable– these are so easy and super fun. They make great treats for kids. And the best part, I have a free printable for them over on my site. All you have to do is print and then stuff the bags with m&m’s.
  2. Marshmallow Halloween Ghosts– another fun craft. Yes, that is a big ol’ marshmallow under all that white chocolate.
  3. Witchy Broom Sticks– made of fruit roll ups and pretzel rods. These make a yummy after school snack!
  4. Handprint Spiders– you just need some card-stock, black finger paint and some wiggly eyes.This makes a great Halloween craft or an activity to do when reading Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  5. Witchy Fingers– these are pretzel rods dipped in green chocolate wafers with an almond sliver on the end. The kids love them!
  6. Salty and Sweet Halloween Bark– yum! Easy and tasty and really the combinations are endless.
  7. Puff Paint Pumpkin– for this pumpkin I created a Henna design, but really you could create anything. Perfect decorating method when you do not want to carve a pumpkin.
  8. Gooey Blood Shot Eyeballs– my twins share a step by step video for making these sweet treats using powdered donuts, gummy lifesavers and chocolate chips.
  9. Halloween Homeschool Freebies by Subject–   do you homeschool? This is an excellent supplemental list of free printables for every subject that is perfect for October!


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