Creative Play is really important. We know it is important for kids, but have you thought about how important it is for moms as well? Kids shouldn’t have ALL the fun! Today we’ve compiled some of the best 15 Creative Play Ideas for Kids and Moms! Does your family ever eat out? Here’s 20+ Creative Ways to Keep Preschoolers Occupied at a Restaurant. creative play ideas for kids moms text  

15 Creative Play Ideas for Kids {and Moms!}

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Creative Play Ideas for Kids

Creative Play Ideas for Kids 2

Supporting Your Kid’s Creative Play

  • You know how much we love paper plate crafts over here at Kids Activities Blog and here’s 10 Creative Paper Plate Crafts to keep your kids busy all afternoon. -via Kids Activities Blog
  • Your kids will have fun turning their gifts into fruit with this very creative Fruit Wrapping Paper idea! -via The House that Lars Built
  • Here’s a creative homemade gift idea –> a Play Dough Cupcake Factory Kit! I’ve never seen anything like this before. -via Plain Vanilla Mom
  • Science for Kids: Make Magic Milk is a classic science experiment that is colorful too. -via Babble Dabble Do
  • Make drawing SUPER FUN with these Toilet Roll Scribblers. You never thought about doing this with a toilet paper roll. -via The Craft Train
  • Here’s a science project a toddler can make all by themselves, a Pine Cone Bird Feeder. -via Kids Activities Blog
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5 Creative Play Ideas for Moms

What are some of your Creative Play Ideas for Kids or Moms? Head over to our Facebook page to share your ideas!

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