Get the Clues to $10,000 on Saturday

On Saturday, October 15th the streets of Dallas will be taken over by locals competing for a pretty awesome grand prize of $10,000. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Several hundred people will meet at one of two locations and will be following clues sent to their cell phones  to compete in the  Amazing Home Race  – a high-tech scavenger hunt that is a fun, fast paced journey around Dallas.

The Amazing Home RaceI am one of those people.

Be prepared for a competition.

I signed up 1 1/2 weeks ago and was sent a way to get some early clues.   Yesterday, my husband and I completed the tasks to obtain those early clues.

I will NOT reveal what they are, but for us it involved driving a SmartCar, putting and hide-and-go-seek with an energy sign.

Holly Homer in Smart CarAll those tasks lead us to some hints for Saturday’s race.

Have you signed up yet??

Van Poole and The Buehlers & Associates are hosting this location-based, mobile gaming technology competition. It is the Amazing Home Race – two mobile treasure hunts throughout downtown Dallas giving participants the chance to win $10,000 towards a down payment from Wells Fargo.

It is divided into two events with Van Poole as the home base for East Dallas and Buehler as the home base for West DFW {where I will be competing}.

  • It's completely free to play
  • Enter the code:    SHEISDALLAS  for quick approval (in Step 2 of 3)
  • Register and find more information at

Go now...if you think you can beat me.

{The Amazing Home Race is an advertiser on this site.}

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