Design Project: Three Girls – One Room (Part 4/4)

This is the final product of a four part design project series that took place here in Flower Mound, TX. I started with the introduction and initial plan of a bedroom designed for three little girls. I then talked about the floor plan and what the room would hopefully look like.

Today is the fun part!   It is done.

Let’s look at how it turned out and talk about what may/may not turned out as planned:

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is what you see when you enter the room.   Originally the plan was to do a large mirror over the furniture piece, but when I found these mirrored frames I decided to do a group of the girls pictured together.   The professional pictures the girls recently had done were so cute I wanted to incorporate as many as possible in the final design.

I searched high and low for a vase that was not breakable and the plants inside it are plastic.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

The small piece of furniture pictured was something the family owned.   It was from an old bedroom suite and was originally an off-color white.   I had the piece painted, replaced the knobs and had a mirrored top made for it.   It looks completely revived!

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is what you see as you walk into the room.   The big fluffy sectional couch.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

The fabric is a “furry” brown.   When I saw it in the showroom it reminded me of teddy bear fur which I thought would be perfect for cuddling.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

Throw pillows for the couch were made from several different fabrics of the pink and brown combination.

As many different textures as possible were also included in the design.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is a close up of the area rug underneath the couch.   The rug is so thick that it functions as an extension of the couch.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

The pictures above the couch were chosen because they were of the three girls in the same location from different perspectives “the front and back.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This was the entry to the bathroom that was covered with draperies.   The draperies were much more functional for the girls then the heavy door that was removed.

The pink and brown molding rectangle to the left of the bathroom entry displays 3 shallow shelves`with candid family pictures.   The three glasses on the second shelf hold precious shells from a family vacation.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This was the smallest wall in the room.   In this brown and pink molding rectangle hangs 3 of the girls’ works of art in floating frames.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is the bed side of the room.   The window treatments are stationary because the wooden shutters were already there.   The window treatment panels were split in 1/2 to save on cost since the added bulk of material was not necessary.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is the platform that was built for the three twin mattress bed.   It is very low.   Because it is low it doesn’t appear to occupy as much space as it does in the room.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

The WAY OVERSIZED (technical term) comforter was created by slicing a king size comforter in 1/2 and inserting a portion of a twin size comforter.   All the bedding came from sets purchased at Target.

blissful buzz Design Project:It is done!

This is the room.   It is a room for three little girls.   A room where bedtime stories are encouraged, family is celebrated and each girl can slumber next to a sister under a portrait of their own.

Holly dreamt in pink for weeks which was a treat due to her VERY BLUE world of raising three boys. She is a founder and editor of and whines a lot about boyish subjects over at June Cleaver Nirvana.


  1. The room is beautiful!! I love all of the little details.

  2. You are such a design genius!!!

    And the comforter solution? AWESOME!!!! At first glance, i thought “How much did they pay for THAT comforter in a kids’ room?” But the fact you took two Target comforters and changed them up to fit is amazing…just amazing.

    When are you going to submit your desin ideas to publications? ‘Cause they’re defifinitely print worthy!!

  3. Really intriguing work, Holly. You managed to illuminate three different personalities by using the photos while making the overall look cohesive. I also enjoy that it is girly but modern in design. Way to go!

  4. Wow!! I have 5 children and soon to be 6… I totally love what you did with this room, it is adorable and I agree on how fabolous you did combining all three girls into everything..

    I was wondering if you could give me some tips on designing both of my kids room that they share.. right now I have 3 boys: ages 9, 3, & 2 that share a room and i was wondering what would be a good idea with the bedding for all 3 because their room isn’t very big. In my girls room (which is smaller then my boys) I have a 7 & 6 yr. old that share a bunk right now but i feel that i could do a little more….what i’m worried about is having another girl, which I’m due this december so i’m hopefully going to move into a 4 bdrm. but if not then i want to know how am i going to make this work in a 3 bedroom home?

  5. Sima Bajpayee says:

    This room is amazing. My third daughter just turned 1 last month and I am researching ways to create a bedroom for all my daughter to share. We were sold on the idea of twin over full bunk bed but I like this idea sooo much better. I love the bed. When I was growing up my parents took me to India every summer and all the kids (my cousins and my sisters) always slept in a bedroom with 2 huge beds like that, we have some of the best memories of ghost stories and fun girl talking. I want to recreate this for my 3 daughters (they are 8, 5 and 1) However I can not find the bed frame. Where did you get the bed from? Or did you build it yourself? I appreciate any insight. Thanks so much.

  6. What did you do for sheets? I love this!

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