Why Flower Mound?

When my husband and I first moved back to DFW we settled in Argyle.   We were planning to eventually build a home and the the Argyle countryside called to us.   Once we made Argyle home we started looking around for land nearby.   There were a lot of options in varying degrees of country-ness.   We couldn’t agree on anything until we found our lot in Flower Mound.   It was one of those things that we just knew it when we saw it.   It took us nearly three years to save, plan and build our dream house in Flower Mound.   We are still on the west side of town so many of the businesses we came to love along 377 we are still able to easily visit.

The town’s name, Flower Mound has always puzzled me.   Flower Mound is one of those things that you have to explain how to spell on the phone.   Even though each word is recognizable, together they seem to create confusion.


At first I didn’t realize there was an actual flower mound.   THE flower mound stands a little lonely not far from the middle of town.   A little lonely and often a bit naked, but a very cool tribute to the flower mound’s earliest settlers.

It is believed that the flower mound was used as a sacred ceremonial ground for the Wichita Indians who lived here in the early 1800s. In the spring when the flowers on the mound bloom you can almost feel that history.   A history that brought a small hill of wildflowers in the middle of no where to a thriving city-called-town just North of one of the world’s largest airports.

This is what I love about where I live.   Flower Mound is a little bit country and a little bit city.   It is suburbia at it’s finest.   A trip to downtown Dallas is 30 minutes.   A trip to downtown Fort Worth is 30 minutes.   The airport is even closer.   Cute shops, great restaurants, good schools, city parks and everything a family needs to live the American dream is close.

That is one of the reasons we started burbmom.net.   It is a hug for our neighborhood and a love letter to the place we live.

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