My daughter is almost two and a half, and I’ve been trying to slowly introduce the alphabet to her. I was brainstorming toddler activities when I came up with a plan. I want her to realize how fun it is to learn new things- so I tried to make this introduction to letters educational -AND yummy.

learning letters collage

We had a day where letters were everywhere, including in the food she ate. -While mommy was cooking we sang the A B C’s and played with foam letters. – I found some large size Alphabet Fries from Ian’s Natural Foods. I got mine from Whole Foods, but I’m sure you could find them in the frozen food section for children at other stores too. They are called Alphatots. I showed the pumpkin each letter as I put it on her plate, and made the sound that goes with it. And I would re-arrange her letters to make new words. She loved it, and mixed the fries up herself to hear mommy sound out her made up words.


Later that same day, I made Sopa de Fideo (Mexican Alphabet Soup) for dinner. I made a big pot of it, and it was absolutely DELIGHTFUL on a cold day. I found the recipe on the Laughwithusblog. I highly suggest checking out the recipe.  It takes very few ingredients and is a very frugal meal as well.

girl eating alphabet soup

As you can see my toddler was psyched to see letters in her soup! I showed her how each spoonful had letters in it, and she would show me her spoon before taking bites. I’d name the letters and then she would. What tricks do you have for getting toddlers excited about learning letters?

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