My daughter loves when we make a new sensory tub. I’ve done them for holidays and in different themes like Fall or Winter. The sensory tub below is made of powder puffs in pastels, small sponge animals, fabric flowers and craft birds.

spring sensory tub

I usually keep the tub a secret until it’s put together, and then ask my daughter to sit on a blanket while I bring it out. The blanket serves to keep the mess of the tub contained. She can dump it all out or play in it- so long as the contents stay on the blanket.

chalkboard 014

Some of the games we played with this tub were:
  • Color sorting
  • Describing soft and rough objects by touch
  • Talking about the animals and what they do to stay cool in summer
  • Talking about how animals and flowers work together in nature

chalkboard 021

This Sensory tub provided about an hour and a half of entertainment! And she was still talking about it days later- I am always surprised at how the most simple toys and experiences are sometimes the most fun! sensory tub Do you make sensory tubs? If so leave a link- would love to come get ideas, and inspiration from what has worked for you!

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