Forest Park Miniature Railroad – Fort Worth

One of my boys favorite activities is riding the  miniature railroad that starts in  Forest Park and winds through  Trinity Park to the duck pond and then back. The train route crosses several large bridges and circles through both large parks.

She Is Dallas Info: Forest Park Depot off Colonial Parkway.   It is on the left just a few blocks before the entrance to the Fort Worth Zoo.   The ticket price is $3 for adults and $2.50 for children. Please be aware that you will need cash because they do not accept credit cards.   For more information, please call them at 817-336-3328 or visit their website.


Forest Park Miniature Rail Road

The  Forest Park Miniature Railroad starts at the Forest Park Train Depot on Colonial Parkway just before the entrance to the Fort Worth Zoo. Initially we were a bit confused because the Fort Worth Zoo has a train as well, but that is completely separate.   The zoo train is inside the zoo and travels between two zoo stations, whereas the Forest Park Miniature train is completely outside the zoo and just happens to start near the zoo entrance.

The train ride is a 45 minute ride with one stop.

Forest Park Train depot stop

There are snacks available at the stop – we always pick up the $1 popcorn box to enjoy on the rest of the ride.

Forest Park Railroad with kids

The ride is the perfect length for wiggly toddlers.

I have hosted a 4 year old birthday party at the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. I invited everyone to meet us for the first train. I handed out paper bags with pb&j sandwiches and juice boxes to each child for lunch to eat while riding. We stopped at the snack depot for popcorn and then enjoyed cupcakes back at the original station when we returned. It was an EASY, inexpensive party that was over in 1 1/4 hours that the kids seemed to really enjoy.



  1. Looks like fun – and at a very reasonable price!

  2. stevie nash says:

    I love this train and every year i go to ride the train and do the zoo all in one day..:)
    great exercise and a way to just relieve stress..:)
    i also love the little train in san antonio at breckenridge park as well another tradition i make is to go there and do the zoo and the train, as well as dallas’s version.:)

  3. Christina says:

    Hi there, I found your blog while searching for more information on the Forest Park Railroad. I would like to do this for my son’s second birthday party. What time did you have to arrive to make sure there was room on the train for everyone? And did you have to reserve a pavillion or anything for the cupcakes afterward? What about presents, where did you put those while everyone rode the train? Did you go during the week or on the weekend? Thanks for your help!

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