14 New Experiences {Try Something New}

New experiences can not only be fun, but encourage kids to get out of their comfort zone {parents too!}.  Encouraging kids to try something new is easier when the whole family is involved.  It is one of the reasons why we featured 52 Brand New blog as one of our best blogs!

Danielle’s mission to try something new each week can inspire us toward new experiences.  Today we are featuring 14 new things to try with your kids!

New Experiences - Try something new

New Experiences

Each week the 52 Brand New family made an effort to try something new.  Here are some of our favorite new experiences!

Touch a Tarantula – This was an experience that put the family a bit out of their comfort zone!

Painting Like Pollock – “I have always been a believer that the process is more important than the product.”

Lemonade Stand – A timeline of their family lemonade stand…so cute!

Backyard Campout – They participated in the Great American Backyard Campout with a wagon load of dolls.

Took Apart a Printer – This one was surprisingly a favorite.  I need to try this at home with my boys.

Family Yoga Class – The family took on the role of yoga student and they left relaxed and energized.

Stood in the Shadow of a Saguaro Cactus – A visit to Saguaro National Park was the perfect location to find a huge cactus for shade.

Indoor Trampoline Arena – One of the best new experiences they tried all year.

Try Something New

Throughout the year, Danielle learned some techniques to make things easier on her kids.  Here are some posts that give tips on kids and new experiences.

10 Ways to Expand Your Child’s Comfort Zone – “Every time we try a new activity, our comfort zone grows a bit.”

5 Reasons A National Park Vacation is Better than Disney World – This is not a Disney World hate article…they had a lovely Disney visit last year.  It is more about the amazing things that can be discovered through our National Parks.

10 Experiences in the Kitchen for Children – New experiences don’t have to be through travels or adventure, they can happen in your own kitchen.

Helping a Cautious Child Embrace New Experiences – Can cautious children try new things?

Teaching Math Through Real Life Experience – All sorts of ways that math is used everyday.

Teach Your Child Science Through Real Life Experience – Yep.  We here at Kids Activities Blog couldn’t agree more!

Thanks so much to 52 Brand New for letting us feature some of our favorite new experiences!  


  1. I LOVE the ideas here:) I can’t wait to read through everything!

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