Take seemingly ordinary things around your house and turn them into play ideas and  learning opportunities.    And you won’t  need to look far from the table  for these great activities.   Here are 7 different play ideas using napkin rings. And of course there’s some sneaky learning going on, too.   You can count on Kids Activities Blog to supply you with  sneaky learning fun.

Play Ideas Using Napkin Rings

Play Ideas

Set out some napkin rings and a few other materials and see how your child chooses to play.

Below are some of the play ideas we found.


Stacking the napkin rings was by far my 3 year old’s favorite way to play. He enjoyed building a tower and then knocking it down. The napkin rings we used were flat rings that worked well for stacking. The circular shape made balancing the rings a little tricky. This  works on fine motor skills and reasoning skills. For another balancing lesson, check out this pillow stacking physics lesson.

Lining Up

Line up the napkin rings. This is fun all by itself. Make lines, circles, and other shapes. You can add some other items and extend the play further.


Once the napkin rings are lined up, you can measure how long they are with a ruler. You can also use the napkin rings to measure other objects. How many napkin rings long is the string? Check out this post for more ways to practice measuring.


Napkin rings can be used just like beads for lacing practice. My son found it fun to add one or two napkin rings to the string, hold on to each end, and shake it around.

Pom Poms

Place a pile of pom poms next to the napkin rings and see what happens. Your child will pick up the pom poms and place them inside the napkin rings. My son moved the pom poms around to different rings and rearranged the rings again and again.


Trace the napkin rings. Hold down the ring for your child or show him how to hold it himself. Trace the inside and the outside of the ring. Then, compare the sizes.

Pattern Making

Use the napkin rings and other objects to form patterns. Napkin ring – pom pom – napkin ring – pom pom – what’s next? Read this post for more pattern making ideas  using leaves.

How will you and your children play with napkin rings?

More Kids Activities

Play ideas for kids don’t have to be fancy and expensive.   Just grab things from the table or the kitchen cabinet and let them have fun!   For more great kids activities, take a look at these ideas:


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