Swim Lessons at Paige's Swim School in Plano

3 boys in swim lessons

Having recently moved to Texas from Pennsylvania, I am embarrassed to say that my 6 year old didn’t know how to swim.  In PA, most people don’t have pools because the swimming season is so short.  Community pools (few and far between) are packed because nobody has their own pool.  My son never showed significant interest, so I rarely took him to the pool and only enrolled him for beginner lessons at the local HS right before we moved.  When we arrived in Dallas at the beginning of May, I  immediately  knew we were behind the 8 ball.  Our complex had 2 pools, my girlfriend’s neighborhood had a pool and there was at least 1 pool in every surrounding town.  Yikes.   I knew we were going to have to work fast if we were going to enjoy the summer.

I tried teaching him myself…umm no.  I am told it is the Mommy Rule – no child likes to learn from Mommy.  I didn’t want to enroll him in a program that took 8 weeks because it was already the beginning of the summer.  Private lessons were out of the question because my husband rules the budget with an iron fist.  We live on the edge of Plano so I searched Google for swimming lessons in Plano.  Paige’s Swim School was #3 and I liked the fact that she limited her classes to 4 kids. When I saw she offered 2 week classes with daily classes Mon-Thur, I was hooked.

She Is Dallas Info:   Paige’s Swim School is located in Adventure Scuba at 2301 N Central Expressway Suite 140 in Plano.   Her schedule is posted on her website and she has classes to fit every need from babies through adults.  For more information, please check out the  Paige’s Swim School website.   You can also follow Paige’s Swim School on Facebook.

The  testimonials  on her website were encouraging and as it turns out, all true.  She is amazing.  She is a miracle worker.  She is the only person who will teach my son to swim from now on.

boy and woman in swimming poolJoshua was petrified to put his face in the water.  I tried six ways from Sunday to get him to do it for weeks on end.  She had him doing it (and enjoying it) in 15 minutes.  Yes, I said 15 minutes! She is so patient with each of the kids.  She meets them where they are and helps them conquer their fear of water and then of swimming on their own.

Paige ran a swim program in Allen, TX from 2000-2008 and has been giving lessons at Adventure Scuba since 2008.  She is firm, but also patient, kind and compassionate.  I have watched her adapt to each of the 3-4 children in the class, switching gears each time she rotates to the next child.  Have I mentioned she is amazing??


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